Friday, August 21, 2009

Signs of Pregnancy

...I wake up at 3am and am absolutely DYING for some crushed ice. Coincidentally, I wake the husband up with my crunching noises, and since he's so use to it, it doesn't even phase him.

...I find myself waking up early in the morning, just so I can have my morning fix of waffles and turkey sausage, only to find one morning when it's the last thing I want. Craving DONE.

...I am completely exhausted one day, and can't find any motivation to get off the couch, but another day, I am so full of energy that I'd leave Lance Armstrong in the dust...providing I could swing myself up on a bike.

...whoa. Are these my boobs? They've overtaken my body.

...Is it really too much to ask to go one hour between potty visits?

...if only these maternity jeans would stay up, instead of sliding down every time I bend over, walk around, or sit down.

...Patience? What does that mean?

...I take my big refillable popcorn bucket to the theater in the middle of the day, with no inclination to see a movie. I just HAVE to have some movie-theater popcorn. NOW!! In fact, every day would be just great.

...the people at Jamba juice know me. One original Mango-A-Go-Go with protein boost, coming right up. (These are especially good in combination with the movie theater popcorn!)

..."Yes, I'd like 5 bags of your crushed ice please." The people at Sonic have never heard of such a request. mean I have to cook dinner today? Gross. Food is the last thing on my mind. is the only thing on my mind.

...I am driving along. I smell french fries. Absolutely MUST get french fries!

...I endure people saying "Oh, you are having a baby! You must be due any time, right?" Nope. 3 months left. Thank you for making me feel huge.

...I recreate The Great Wall Of China in bed every night, with my body pillow and blankets, just to get comfortable. The husband doesn't stand a chance of getting through the barrier.

...crushed ice!! Oh, did I mention that already?

...oh my goodness. My belly feels SOOOOO tight! Can it stretch any more?

...I keep a stash of crackers, candy, and other such goodies in my purse. These are intended for me. Not my toddler.

...."Honey, do you want some ice cream?" Uh, no thanks. Got any crushed ice?

...this shirt fit me last week. Seriously?

...shaving my legs? No easy feat. I was sitting on the floor. Now I can't get up.



...oh, did I forget to write something? I can't remember anything lately. much as I've always loved brushing my teeth, I now dread it. I gag with every swipe of the tooth brush.

..."Babe, come feel the baby kick! Oh, he stopped. No wait, he kicked again! Just keep your hand here. Eventually you will feel..." 9:30 am too early for a nap? you smell that? My nose is constantly in overdrive.

...I'm not waddling! Am I?

...Why am I crying all the time? Seriously. A bird flies past me and I tear up.

...I really want to go to bed, but first, I have to climb up my stairs. Is it really worth it? The couch looks so appealing right now.

...Countless hours are spent talking to the baby, and rubbing my stomach.

...never before have weeks been counted off with such fastidiousness. Another week checked off the calendar brings such joy.

...just don't even tell me what I weigh now.

...the phrase: "Bottoms off. The doc will be in to check you" doesn't even phase me.

(winners will be posted later today!)


traci said...

when i was pregnant with my first, i shaved one leg, and got too tired to shave the other.said, "i'll get the other tommorow." well would'nt ya know it... water broke at 9am, so i had a baby with one smooth leg, and one REALLY hairy one!!!

Katy Lin said...

how adorable! you're so cute :)

the great adventure

purejoy said...

ohhhh to be pregnant again. . . .i am praying for your each and every day towards birthday.

Kim said...

Wow, so true - love this!!!

Me and My Girls said...

Ben there done that! But then again you wouldn't give it up for anything. I love being pregnant, as I know you do. You are so cute and I love you and Baby "K"

Colleen said...

You crack me up! That is why I love panel maternity jeans. The under the belly kind, while they might be cuter, just don't stay up after a certain point. I can definitely relate to you on so many of those points and had just typed up a similar kind of post last night for later this week! Obviously we are at "that" phase!

Andi said...

I'm pregnant now too with my first and I'm with you on most of those, especially the cooking one, shaving your legs, and I can't remember ANYTHING! I thought people were joking when they say you can't remember stuff when you are pregnant. Oh yeah and the weight gain thing, I'm with ya there, I don't even bother to look anymore. Hang in there, I'm a month behind ya, it's a Christmas baby, due 26 Dec, so my luck I'm going in on Xmas, should be interesting.

runningfan said...

What a great post! It captures so many great and not-so-great parts of being pregnant. Glad you're enjoying every day.

If you're having a non-Lance Armstrong day and need some crushed ice, I'd be happy to fetch some for you.

dippyrooroo said...

Amen and amen.

melissahurst99 said...

I cannot believe how incredibly cute you tummy looks!! Why is it that everyone else looks cuter prenant? haha!!

Chloe said...

This was so funny to read :)

Ande said...

All I wanted with the girls was ice. I loved the stuff from Taco bell. Funny thing it that the regular ice here at home was just not the same and not good enough. I eventually went and bought bags of it to keep in the freezer. I love the list. Tom always helped me shave my legs, it drove me crazy to not be able to do it myself.

The Caretaker said...

With my last one-#4(which is a boy), I absolutely loved crushed ice. I didn't want regular ice...couldn't stand it, I wanted it the one from sonic or the crushed ice from my fridge but that's it.I didn't want water or juice or soda or anything....only crushed ice. It was my best friend. Good luck...I remember feeling all of that!!! I totally miss it though.

Elise said...

Love it!! It captures the hilariously odd parts of pregnancy!! Don't you love the indecisiveness of our own bodies.

courtney said...

I think you look super cute!

Rebecca said... times,I'm glad I'm not repeating it again, but thanks for the was very entertaining. Oh, and prego shirts are supposed to be tight these days and be thankful for those boobs, I wish I had some :)

Anonymous said...

This made me laugh. :)

LollyChops said...

There is just too much funny stuff in this post to even comment on it all! I am gonna have to read it again when I need a laugh!

I have never been preggers so I have no idea what you are talking about...BUT you make it sound like fun (honest)!!!! You are totally cute with your little belly!

BIG HUGS missy!

P.S. crushed ice anyone?

Dave & Jada said...

Girl, it has been forever but I just had to comment on this blog. I am due in 8 weeks and experiencing all of these symptoms. I only wish the husband could take over 1 time a week so I could go one whole night with out getting up to pee and then to recreate my pillow mountain. You are too funny and I wish you the best. I have been praying for you and the little one!

rad6 said...

ok, that was a trip down memory lane for sure reading that post. I have had my share of pregnancies, and I think everything you said, I was thinking, "Oh, I remember that!" Only I kind of forgot some of that until reading here. Maybe I should stay away for a few months... heehee... no, I love your blog and seeing your cute family and reading your fun personality that comes out in your posts!!! Oh, those were the days!!! That's what I will keep saying!