Monday, August 24, 2009

So Begins Homework

Thus begins another tradition, of sitting at the table and watching the kids pull out their homework. Excess papers are sorted through, most of which get thrown away (it makes great kindling for when we use the fireplace) and little bits of advice and help are given, including "Yes, your teacher wants you to do the WHOLE page, not just the first question."
Kolby is not very anxious to have homework. He wasn't last year either. He could care less about writing, reading, adding, or basically anything that involves picking up a pencil and using it to demonstrate proficiency. He is a very energetic boy, and doesn't seem to have the desire to sit still for any length of time. He'd rather be outside, pretending that his stick, curtain rod, pole, or any other straight object, will help him conquer the world against evil villains. He also has remarkable biking skills, which is a post for another day.
Kolby did try to throw a bit of a fit today, while doing his homework. What you see in the picture, the nicely drawn "a" letters, are the result of his second try. His first attempt looked like a bunch of flattened out "o" shapes with curly loops after it. He wasn't too pleased to see me grab the big pink eraser. It was the anticipation of his reward (10 minutes on the computer) that made his tears dry up and his letters to look recognizable.
There was also one discovery that I'm sure will be repeated throughout the school year. It was the transfer of half a container of leftover chocolate pudding, smeared all over his lunchbox, and oozing throughout the inside of his backpack, wilting all his new crisp folders and papers. Sorry Kolbers. No pudding tomorrow...or the next day...or the next.....
Another added extra for today: Kolby lost his 2nd tooth! Even though it was super wiggly, he still opted to have his tooth tied to some floss, and have the door slamming knock his tooth out. Crazy kid. Luckily, the Tooth Fairy actually has a few dollars lying around. Miracles do happen!


Jen Sue Wild said...

He is so much like Garrett

DougandSheilah said...

Chris can't sit still to save his life. My kids start school next week and I am so not looking forward to homework battles with him. Good luck keeping the crew going.

purejoy said...

a picture says a thousand words. love, love, love the concentration!!
my son also could not see the merits of building his brain while there was sunlight outside and life to be lived.
he did, in fact, make it to college. and i'm happy to report, doing well.
kolby, rock on!! (your penmanship looks fantastic by the way!!)

courtney said...

Mackenzie has homework and she comes home and I tell her we can work on it together or she can have daddy help when he gets home. The first day, she wanted me...I guess she didn't like that because she chose daddy the next day. Then, when they were working on it, Kenzie said to dad, "I am just so tired, I will do it tomarrow." Nice try...but you are doing it now!