Tuesday, August 25, 2009

What to do at 3am when sleep escapes you.

It is so frustrating when you want to fall asleep, but your body betrays you. So what do you do at two in the morning?

-I go to the bathroom. Always having a full bladder is quite an annoyance. Perhaps that's what woke me up to begin with. However, upon curling back up in bed, I find that I am completely awake.

-I feel the baby wake up and enjoy twenty minutes of feeling him play a game of ping pong in my belly.

-I lay out all the details, in my head, of a baby shower for a friend of mine.

-I stare at the husband. He is sleeping. I am jealous.

-I stare at the ceiling, and my newly formed skylight curtains. They strangely look like what I would imagine an inside of a coffin to look like, only with a popcorn ceiling surrounding them. It's not soothing at all.

-I think about what I can make for the upcoming baby showers I will be going to.

-I tell myself to go to Costco and order a cake for the boys' birthday, even though nobody in my family really eats cake.

-I play the Tooth Fairy, extracting Kolby's second lost tooth from his room. He makes me work for it. Takes a while to find the darn tooth. Where did he put it??

-I finally get up and make my way downstairs, to the computer. What else is there to do?

-I seriously think about sweeping and mopping my kitchen floor. Then I talk myself out of it.

-a cup of crushed ice. :)

-I don't even bother turning on the television. Unless there is a show I want to watch, I hate the tv being on.

-Why do I want to make banana bread right now? Good thing I don't have any bananas.

-I wonder if I could text someone. Would they answer?

-My feet are cold. I'm going back to bed, even though I am WIDE AWAKE!!


purejoy said...

awww, i remember those days (er nights) of sleep deprivation. . .
thinking of you as you continue to gestate. prayiing for your little one. and your other ones. and you.

blessings, friend!

Colleen said...

Whew! You've been bloggy busy! What's up with the skylights in a bedroom? I don't think that was a good achitechtural idea. Nice work on the curtains though! And homework...as Zach's amount to do grows, his tolerance of it wanes! And I am sorry to hear about the pudding. I gave Zach a cup of applesauce today and instructed him to TIGHTLY seal the lid before putting it back in his box! Sorry about the sleeplessnes. If it helps, I might text you back! You aren't alone! Oh, and Ben went through a period where he didn't like cake, so we had rice krispies treats with candles one year, and sundaes with candles another year.

Maynards said...

Dang. I hope you can get a nap today. Do you have a good book to read on nights like that? I always try to read myself to sleep.

Jen Sue Wild said...

It as nice talking to you today..

I really hope you get some sleep tonight..
love ya Jenn

Dan and Katie said...

I wish you liked cake :) Just kidding, you are so classy with pie and ice cream! Did I tell you I am glad we are friends? Well I am :)

BrittanyLane said...

I play video games. After an hour or so I'm SOOO sleepy again. I mastered a 100 hour game during my first pregnancy. I was a total insomniac! It's for sure the most challenging part of pregnancy for me. Good luck!

dippyrooroo said...

I've been up since just a bit after five. Not as bad as 3 am, but still very out of character for me! The paper should be here soon, so I'm going to start coupon-ing!