Monday, September 14, 2009


I saw this on a random blog I came across while blog-surfing, and thought it would fill in the void for a Monday Blog Post.

Making : A Baby! Well, technically, he's already made. Just growing right now.
Cooking : Tonight it's meatloaf night!
Drinking : Cranberry juice. Love this stuff when I'm pregnant.
Reading: I've got the books "I Am Legend", "The Devil Wears Prada", and "Surrogates" on hold at the Library.
Wanting: The next two months to never end, yet anxious for all the hospital stays and surgeries to be done with.
Looking: At my really messy bedroom and knowing I need to clean it today!
Playing: With the idea of re-doing my little chalkboard wall.
Wasting: Time watching HGTV. I love House Hunters!
Sewing: Nothing right now. Between projects, but wanting to make a purse.
Enjoying: The little voice Georgie has right now.
Waiting: For the husband to finish packing so I can take him to the airport for a 4 day business trip.
Wondering: What this little baby looks like.
Loving: My wonderfully supportive family and friends.
Hoping: I can miraculously get away with not stepping on the scale at my next OB appointment.
Marvelling: At how blessed I am.
Smelling: The cooler air, fresh with rain.
Wearing: Comfy clothes. No shoes until I absolutely have to.
Following: Georgie, trying to get her hair in a ponytail.
Noticing: How tall all of my kids have gotten recently.
Knowing: That I don't know enough.
Thinking: About rearranging my entire house, but realizing that I can't. Or shouldn't. But might anyway.
Bookmarking: How I feel right now, including all of my hopes and fears concerning this baby.
Opening: Another bag of ice. I go through it very quickly!
Giggling: About something Heath said in church yesterday when we were supposed to be reverent. We were shaking with laughter, but now I can't remember what it was that he said.
Feeling: Pretty Darn Good.


runningfan said...

Loving: your creative blog!

Me and My Girls said...

Oh I liked this. Also I was you have to have a c-section delivery or can you go natural even with his tender heart?

Maynards said...

Fun post!

purejoy said...

love this. . . i may steal the idea if it's okay!
i love house hunters too and HGTV is addictive and a huge time gobbler for me!

Colleen said...

I liked that one!

LollyChops said...

This was fun to read!

You and the Sonic ice. Crack. Me. Up.

Anonymous said...

i copied you:) I am going to make a taz of my own! and those baskets! now all i have to do is get material...

Dan and Katie said...

I like that post! I may copy.

Valerie said...

Fun idea for a blog post!