Friday, September 4, 2009

It's Just You and Me, Glucola.

So I have to take the glucola test. I think it's the one thing I detest about being pregnant. 10 fluid ounces of sugar water. They try to flavor it with a processed orange, fruit punch, or lemon-lime imitation. (Think sticky sweet Orange Soda-Pop) However, any way you take it, this concoction is hard to swallow. Literally. The plan is for you to drink it within 5 minutes, and then wait one hour, with the syrupy remnants vividly lingering in your mouth and throat, and without eating or drinking anything, getting your blood drawn at the end of the hour. The blood results will tell how much sugar is in your system, and whether it meets the criteria for Gestational Diabetes. If it is within the danger zone, they make you come back for a 3 hour fasting test, which is incredibly more horrible and nauseous, to accurately determine Gestational Diabetes.

In about 15 minutes, I will have to drink this bottle in it's entirety. Afterward, I will have another ultrasound, not relating to the glucola test, but to see how this baby is doing, and how his heart is growing (or in our case, not growing).

A few days ago, as I was making my way to my regularly scheduled OB appointment, I decided to take a quick picture of my belly for posterity's sake. Here is the picture.

After I took it, and looked at it, I thought that the picture was lying. I feel MUCH bigger than what the picture shows. So I figured I had the camera at a wrong angle or something, and if I showed you this picture, you wouldn't believe that I was 29 1/2 weeks pregnant. (the half matters...believe me!)

So today, I took some more pictures.

Well, I don't look any bigger in this picture either. My shirt looks like it's fraying, even though it's not, but other than that, it's as accurate a picture of my profile as I can make it.
Then, upon thinking further, I realized the problem. I see my belly in a much different perspective than the camera angle shows. I see a tight, perky belly that sticks out, from the perspective of looking down on it. So for me, things look a LOT different. Thus..... get to see what I see. Now, that looks much more like it.


purejoy said...

awww. you are so adorably pregnant. how i miss rubbing and patting my belly. meh.
praying for you and your sweet sweet little baby.

Colleen said...

With that little belly I am sure G.D. is one thing you can check off the "Do not have to worry about" list! You look GREAT Shaina, a perfectly cute baby bump! Sorry you had to go ahead and do that test, I agree...YUCK!!! Anxious to hear ultrasound results!

traci said...

hate the orange glucola the mostest.... had to drink it with all 3 of mine... yuck!!!!!

Me and My Girls said...

I like your baby bump. And I agree the drink is awful. With both of mine I had to go on to take the 3 hour test, always ended up not having G.D. but still not fun. Praying for you and Baby "K" always.

sarasophia said...

1. That drink is wretched.
As though all the orange soda in all the world was condensed down in to one little bottle and then allowed to go flat.

2. You tummy is the cutest thing like, EVAH:)

3. I am jealous of it.

<3 sarasophia

DougandSheilah said...

I wish I stayed that small. I'm that big at 3 months. THinking of you and your family

runningfan said...

You look fantastic -- definitely not as far along as you are!

dippyrooroo said...

Probably the boob to belly ratio has something to do with your over all svelte appearance. Bigger boobs= smaller belly, voila! You look fantastic! You always carry gracefully.
With just about two weeks to go, people are definitely not afraid to make comments about my belly now! Half are adoring, the other half are terrified- like if they don't get out of my path, I might have the baby on them.

Elise said...

Cute prego belly!! You are looking fabulous!!