Thursday, September 10, 2009

Library Days

Georgie really likes to play on the computer. Whether we are at home, or in this case, the library, she enjoys it thoroughly. I am impressed with her skills to click, double click, scroll, and scan across the screen. Of course, she loves to share the fun with her baby. What you can't see is that this baby had one of her legs fall off, and I couldn't put it back on. Even though she's a bit gimpy, she is very well loved and cared for.

Another baby that is loved and cared for is the "baby" that she says she has in her tummy. Her baby is very demanding, wanting food all the time because "the baby is hungry!", or the baby isn't tired and doesn't want to go to sleep, or the baby wants to be held and needs to come out of her tummy soon. It's very cute.


Vix said...

My little girl loves the computer too, courtesy of one geeky husband we have a computer hooked up to the TV so she can surf the web (ok so just the Cbeebies website) whilst being watched like a hawk. She has yet to figure out that libraries are quiet places so I can't take them there much.

Megan said...

I think it's something about 3 yr olds with older siblings. Mia was content most of the summer to just watch the older girls play computer games. But when school started she demanded that she could do it herself and has amazed me with her computer skills. That's so cute that Georgie takes such good care of that gimpy baby.