Sunday, September 13, 2009

Ready Freddy?

For some reason, whenever I'm with Georgie, and we are preparing to go somewhere, or preparing to leave a store, or I'm trying to get her to follow me, I say "Ready Freddy?" It seems I'm stuck on giving her boy nicknames.
Today, this little Freddy thought she was ready to go to church. I'm thinking some tweaking needs to be done with her outfit before we get in the car, though. I wonder how this little tiger will take the news.

Somehow, I think that even if she did wear the tiger ears to church, it would only make her cuter.


Shavonne said...

I agree, she looks so darn cute, I vote to let her wear them ;)

Colleen said...

And there is a jungle theme with the spotted leopard print dress, so the ears make sense! She's a fashonista in the making!

Kristi said...

Love the ears!! They match the dress perfectly.

I am glad to have found your blog. You post some great stuff!

Jen Sue Wild said...

Baby girl you look so cute.. You are a girl after my own heart!!

Megan said...

You should have let her!! 2 animal prints together are so fun! and it would have brought a smile to so many during your sacrament meeting!! I do love her dress.