Thursday, September 24, 2009


First off, wow. That's a huge picture of me. (I made the picture smaller. It was just too big!) I was trying to re-do a current profile picture. I love the old one, and hope to have my hair like that again before the end of the year. I've got a top layer that drives me nuts. Headbands help, but they give me a headache after an hour or so. Anyway...sorry for the huge picture.

Secondly, I ran out of crushed ice this morning!! Good thing I live a few miles from a Sonic. I saw last night that I was precariously close to finishing my bag of ice, which seemed like it had a sizable amount in it just a few hours before... So I stocked up again. Three bags. Should last a few more days at least.

I bought Keaton a cub scout shirt and all the accessory patches, neckerchiefs, and books. He turns 8 on Sunday, and will be so excited to get to go to cub scouts next week.

I have received a few bills that are claimed to be "uncovered" by the insurance company. Ha Ha. I scoff at that. Having experience in billing insurances, most times it is a simple matter of not putting down the right code, or not having the referral needed, or some other minor nuisance. I cleared up some stuff. Requested things to be billed again, and found out that I need to go see my PCP, who is my doctor in name only, to get a referral for all the cardiology appointments I have had, and will have. I find it frustrating that I have to go see my PCP tomorrow morning, just so he can send a referral for me. It should be going through my OB, not my PCP, but I have no say in it. Lame. One more stupid co-pay to pay, instead of them just faxing it for me.

I had that PCP listed as my kids' primary doc as well, but upon anticipating the special needs and care our baby will demand, I think it's important to find a more specialized pediatrician to care for him, so I switched all of our kids over to the new Doctor, and we will meet with him in a few weeks to "prepare" him for the onslaught of care that our little guy will need. Hope he's up for it.

I also discovered that not only will I have my normal hospital stay copay when I have the baby, but the baby will also be billed a copay for that same hospital stay, and then when he is transferred across the street to the Children's Hospital, he will be charged another hospital stay copay. The numbers are making me sick. Things are adding up, especially with all my appointments this next month, and each one requires a

So enough of the copay troubles. Blah blah blah.

I've been staying busy typing up all my recipes for my recipe blurb book! I anticipate being done by the end of October so it can go on sale and you all can buy them for Christmas presents!! Sounds great, right? It's looking to be a pretty cool recipe book, if I do say so myself.

Gotta go. Another cup of crushed ice is calling my name.


runningfan said...

Sounds like you've had a busy day! I'm glad you were the victor with some of your insurance stuff.

The Lord will provide for the rest!

DougandSheilah said...

I hear your insurance pains. Ben would have cost us a arm and a leg if I hadn't had state insurance. He was in NICU for 2 weeks. Then the last 2 were c-sections and spendy too. They weren't covered by state insurance. Hang in there.

Colleen said...

Yours is not the only woe of insurance company issues I have heard recently. There seems to be a plauge of stupid insurance red tape going around. We missed you at playgroup, but it's always nice to check off those to-dos!

Love Lorri said...

I cant wait for your recipe blog book, is that how you put it? I think your adorable! Could I possible feature you on my blog some day soon?
you can email me @

Shavonne said...

I'm glad you mentioned that you were working on your recipe book, because I have been wanting to ask you about it, as I am anxious for you to get done!
don't worry about the copays to much, they will get worked out, don't get too stressed!
btw, cute picture :)

LollyChops said...

Cute pic! I think your hair looks fab just as it is! for running out of "The Ice"... I thought I felt a tremor in the force... whew. Crisis avoided!

Matt and Shannon said...
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Matt and Shannon said...

Hi! I am a friend of your sis, Sharon. She posted a sweet comment about baby K, and mentioned that he has a CHD.
My five month old having a CHD, I was interested and thought Id look in. (Typically I don't visit blogs of persons I don't know.)
We found the CHD at the 20 week ultra sound, was delivered at U of U, and all the of surgeries performed at Primary Children's.
First surgery at 5 days old (the PA band), the second surgery last month (the Glenn), and the third will be at 2 years (the Fontan). His CHD is Tricuspid Atresia.
Good luck with everything. It is so overwhelming sometimes, but it works out somehow. Is everything going to be done in Denver? If you have any questions about recovery or what to expect, feel free ask.

Maynards said...

You and your crushed ice, me and my licorice. Why do I have to have the craving with calories!
Good luck with insurance stuff, it will all work out, it always does. Although, not without a few nasty phone calls, letters, and all that good stuff.