Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Zip Me Up

For some reason this morning, the idea of putting on my maternity jeans just made me squirm. I just don't feel that great in them, and they are ALWAYS falling down on me. I feel like I spend the whole day pulling up my pants, then pulling my shirt down so it covers the stretchy waistband.
So as I was getting ready for my OB appointment (32 weeks...yeah!) I pulled out a pair of jogging pants to wear. Bummer. They were dirty. I glanced up to the section of my closet where I have all my "normal" jeans folded up and waiting for me, and I thought "let's just see how these fit now". As I pulled them up, I was ecstatic to discover that not only could I zip them up, but they buttoned with ease. Could this be?

Even though I had to wear a belt with these pants pre-pregnancy, they fit just fine now. Even better, they stay up amazingly well. I've worn them all day and haven't had to hike up my pants once today!! It's a miraculous day, I tell you. So for the last six or seven weeks that I have left being pregnant, it seems I have found some new maternity jeans to wear. The "non" maternity jeans. I'm ecstatic.

I've still been wearing most of my normal shirts and skirts throughout my pregnancy. It seems almost odd that they look better when I wear them now, as opposed to when I'm not pregnant. Oh well. I'm just happy I feel cute in the clothes I have.

This OB appointment today was very standard. Weight, measurement, urine sample. All are fine. I've gained almost 15 pounds with this baby. My iron levels are fine (something The Husband was worried about because of my insane addiction to crushed ice--I devour up to 3 big bags of ice a week now) and my glucose levels were great. No worries with me. However, I was warned that the appointments would be numerous now. I'll start weekly appointments with my OB, weekly appointments with the Neonatologist, and I'll need to go up to Denver quite a few times for appointments with the Cardiologist team and Neonatologists, and OB Doctors up there. Whew. It's going to be a very busy October.


Sharon said...

i never wore maternity pants with jayne, they just didn't stay up, and those that did wnet over my belly button which was really uncomfortable... i just did the rubber band thing in the last month of being pregnant. good luck on all the apoointments

Jen Sue Wild said...

You look good. Yay for you for breaking the rules.
I think maternity clothes are over rated.. I never could wear them.
I looked like a big goof in them..
Plus I never started to show until I was about 30 ,32 weeks. So they were useless to me.

Thanks for keeping us posted on baby K's progress.

runningfan said...

I'm so amazed! You look great.

Feel free to send Georgie on over when you're off to the doctor!

Dan and Katie said...

How are you wearing your normal jeans!?! Thats great! Anyway, that awesome! Missed you at scouts tonight!

Me and My Girls said...

I am jelous. I still can't wear my pre pregnancy clothes. Haha maybe that's bad to tell people. Anyways good luck this month. Love you and baby "K"

Colleen said...

I AM DYING!!! I am so jealous, you gorgeous girl! The pulling up of pants is exactly why I embrace the panel pant. I know they aren't cool, but now they have these awesome nylon ones that aren't uncomfortable and itchy and I don't have to pull up all day long (like I did today with some under the belly ones!). Good luck with all the crazy appointments ahead, I am glad you are so well taken care of. And it was just a few days ago that I learned that crunching ice addiction could mean anemia (my mom has both, the ice and anemia), so it cracked me up that you mentioned it!

TheTennesseeWilliams said...

That is EXACTLY why I do not buy maternity ANYTHING! I buy regular clothes just bigger!

LollyChops said...

I had to leave a comment on this post. a) you look FAB and I am jealous that you can still get into those jeans and b) every time I spot a sonic now I think of you. I even made Ron go to Sonic when we went out of town over the weekend in your honor!