Thursday, October 1, 2009

33 Reasons

Today is The Husband's birthday. 33 years old. So here are 33 reasons why I love him.

1. He still finds me attractive (or is very good at pretending) even when I'm weeks away from having a baby.

2. He gets excited when it's meatloaf night.

3. He looks good a little bit scruffy.

4. He is fantastic at copying accents, and finds interesting times to break out with a Russian, Australian, or Southern hick persona. It always makes me laugh.

5. He plays/wrestles with the boys.

6. He has fantastic looking legs...

7. ...and and equally fantastic looking bum (but you'll have to take my word on that).

8. He lets me warm up my icy cold feet against his super hot body, and besides not complaining, he actually likes it, because it cools him down.

9. His singing voice blows me away.

10. He really and truly misses me when we are away from each other.

11. He likes to quote Napoleon Dynamite almost as much as I do.

12. He loves my family.

13. If he wants to watch tv after I go to sleep, he turns the tv down really low so he won't disturb me. It's so low, that I can't hear anything, but it doesn't seem to bother him...or maybe he has better hearing than I do.

14. He doesn't want any popcorn when we go to the movies, so I get the big bucket all to myself.

15. He cuts his own hair, and cuts the boys' hair too. Saves us a fortune, and looks great too.

16. He whistles when he's happy.

17. He calls me during the day, just to check up on me and see how I'm doing.

18. He is just as emotional about our baby as I am.

19. He wants to buy a big piece of property outside the city, build a super cool house, and have a garage full of 4-wheelers. Sounds perfect to me.

20. He decided when he was young how he wanted his life to be, and put forth the effort to be the best he could be. I truly admire that.

21. He tries very hard to help people as much as he can.

22. His hands are so soft and gentle and loving.

23. He humors me a lot.

24. He has nice things to say, about whatever crafts or projects I am working on, even though he really has no interest in them.

25. He always smells good.

26. He has the best shoulder to cry on, even though I try my hardest not to need it.

27. He makes really good hot chocolate.

28. He is a pro at navigating through traffic with ease.

29. When we sleep, he likes to be touching me.

30. He irons his own clothes.

31. He has great faith, and a wonderful sense of spirituality about him.

32. He doesn't force me to cook seafood.

33. He loves me more than I can comprehend.

Love you babe. Happy Birthday!


kdaygirl said...

Happy Birthday Brother! We love you!

runningfan said...

I'm glad you're so happy with your eternal honey.

Ande said...

happy bday Heath!!!!

Heath said...

Thanks Babes, but I know I don't smell good all the time.

Maynards said...

That was really sweet. I could tell it all was so sincere. I love the picture of you two.

Colleen said...

Happy Birthday Heath! What a great pair the two of you make!

Jen Sue Wild said...

Happy birthday Heath!!

dippyrooroo said...

Happy birthday to Heath!
I just love that picture of the two of you! It's so great when you truely love the one you're with!

Valerie said...

He sounds so much like Terrence. As I read all the reasons, more than half reminded me of him. Maybe that's why they got along so well! You got a good one Shaina!!