Friday, October 30, 2009

Birth Story: Kamyren Amille

Before my friend Colleen had her 5th baby (a few weeks ago), she posted the birth stories of her prior four kids. I thought it was a great idea to document, and pass the time before the baby came, so I'm copying her idea. For the next few days, you'll have the pleasure of reading about the day each of my children made their debut into this world. It will be as accurate as I remember, specific enough for details, but brief enough for modesty sake. Hope you enjoy.

Kamy was our first baby. Although we didn't TRY to get pregnant right after we got married, we didn't prevent it either. She was conceived most likely the first week of our marriage. A true honeymoon baby. As soon as we found out we were pregnant, we went to the mall to browse through baby name books. We both liked the name Kamyren, and decided to spell it uniquely, and figured we would call her Kamy for short. Heath picked out her middle name Amille, which means "of the family of God". So right away, we had her name. For some reason, we knew it would be a girl. I don't ever remember picking out a boy's name. Interesting.

At 16 weeks, an ultrasound confirmed that she was a girl. I was working at a bank, as a teller, through my 7th month of pregnancy. Heath was working at Fed Ex, and going to school part time. I have only ONE picture, taken of me when I was pregnant with Kamy. I couldn't find it to post, but it was taken at Christmas by my dad. We didn't have a camera that worked very well at that time, as you can see by the following pictures. Every picture I have of Kamy, when she was newborn, is very very blurry. Anyway, Heath and I didn't take many pictures during this time. Bummer.

The morning I went into labor with Kamy was a whirlwind. I had slept great that night, waking up a few times to use the bathroom, as was usual. At 7am, I was up. I went to the bathroom, feeling fine, and got back into bed next to Heath. My younger sister Shavonne was sleeping over because she had clinical rounds to do that morning. She got up and got ready. I got up and went to the bathroom again. She left, saying she'd check on me later that day. I got back into bed, chatting with Heath, and had a contraction. It was about 7:20am at that point.

I continued chatting with Heath, and a few minutes later, had another contraction. A few minutes after that, another contraction. The contractions continued, about 2-3 minutes apart, and were getting very strong. I made a comment to Heath that I remember everyone saying that the best way to relax during the LONG HOURS AND HOURS before you are in labor, is to take a bath. So I had Heath start a bath, and I got in the tub, and tried to relax. About 6 minutes later, I had a revelation. I told Heath that I thought I was in transition. If indeed I was in transition, I didn't have long before the baby came, and I'd better get to the hospital.

It took the next 20 minutes for me to get dressed, because the contractions were so intense, and were right on top of each other. I could barely get my foot in the leg of my pants before I'd have to stop, lie down, and wait for the contraction to end. During this time, I had Heath call my parents and my older sister Kim, all three of which were planned to be at the delivery, and lived about 45 minutes away. I made him go in the other room because the sound of his voice made my contractions hurt more. He told them we were on our way to the hospital to have our baby. They said they were on their way too.

After I finally got dressed, which in retrospect, I should have just thrown on a robe, Heath helped me down to the car. During the 8 minute trip to the hospital, I had 4 contractions. Every bump in the road was murderous! Heath pulled up to the entrance round-about, left the car there, and walked in with me. The short elevator ride up to the 3rd floor was shared by a guy who looked terrified to be in there with us. I had Heath hold the door open on the 3rd floor until my contraction ended, and I could move. I walked up to the labor and delivery desk and told them I was about to have a baby. They almost laughed at me, but pointed to a room right across the hallway. I made it to the bed before my next contraction hit.

It took a few minutes before the tech could help me undress, seeing as how I wasn't doing it myself, and by the time she helped me out of my clothes, I was grunting with the pain of the contraction. She knew that wasn't the sound of someone in the first stages of labor, so she got a nurse, who checked me immediately, and then yelled for a doctor. "This baby is coming NOW!"

They managed to find a doctor in the hallway, still in his white shirt and tie. I don't even know if he managed to get gloves on before I had the baby, but Heath said he had to throw away his shirt and tie afterwards. Sorry Doc! During that moment, I remember looking around at the tiny room I was in. It was empty just a minute beforehand. Now it was filled with tons of nurses, and other people doing their jobs. In the doorway stood a guy in scrubs, wearing tennis shoes, and leaning on a push broom. I remember wondering what the heck this person was doing in my room, but he seemed perfectly at ease. I still don't know who he was or what purpose he had there. He certainly wasn't going to be cleaning up anything with that broom of his. I guess all modesty is lost as soon as you have a baby. Just about anyone can walk in, especially if they are wearing scrubs and holding a broom.

Anyway, a few hours later, my parents arrive, and my sister arrived some time after that. They were all surprised to see that I had already had the baby...hours earlier. My parents even stopped off for breakfast on the way, assuming that they had plenty of time. Ah, I still laugh about that. Turns out, we had the baby 11 minutes after arriving at the hospital, and barely an hour after my first contraction. Who knew a first baby could come so fast?

She was born March 10 (6 days after our 9 month anniversary),weighing 7 lbs 5 oz, at 8:16am. Perfect little baby.
Here are some pictures from the first few days after we got home from the hospital. Don't you just love the couch?

I love this last picture.
So that is the story of how our little Kamy made her debut into the world. Fast and furious!!


Sharon said...

i totally remember heath calling, and mom and dad making their way down to Spokane... was it a friday? My favorite picture of camy is the one dad tok with the leaf at Keaton's baby blessing

Maynards said...

You weren't kidding when you said you have babies fast! Wow! That is amazing, especially for the first.
The guy with the broom totally cracked me up for some reason. It is pretty strange that so many people just end up in the room.

Me and My Girls said...

I remember when she was born and coming to visit you in your apartment. She was a cute little baby, I loved to make her smile, and I even remember when she got a little bigger and playing with her and chasing her.

Mags said...

Wow, and I thought I went fast. This baby story recap thing is a good idea.

Dan and Katie said...

WHOA! That is fast! That would be awesome! I am going to hope for a labor like that!! So if you can find out at 16 weeks then I MAY be able to find out at my next appointment...that will be 17 weeks :)

Colleen said...

I love the part about the guy in the elevator with you, and the fact that your parents stopped for breakfast! What a fast labor, especially, like you said, for a first baby. Your body just knows what it's doing! Sweet little Kamy!

Chloe said...

That is the fastest first baby story I've ever heard. Frighteningly fast! I love that it was 6 days after your 9 month anniversary - doesn't get more "honeymoon baby" than that!