Friday, October 16, 2009

Quiet Day, Rockin' Night

Yesterday the baby was pretty quiet in my tummy all day. Since the kids had no school due to Parent/Teacher Conferences, we all went to the park around lunchtime to release some energy (the kids) and to socialize with friends (me). Well, I guess they socialized with their friends too.

So after sitting on a hard picnic bench for a few hours, I got up and realized that perhaps I should have moved around more. The baby was so wedged down low in my pelvis, that it made for a very uncomfortable rest of the day.

I realized around 9:30pm, after I had cleaned up some of the house, made dinner, taken a hot bath to relax, and watched some primetime television, that I hadn't paid attention to how the baby was moving. It seemed like quite a while since the little guy had demonstrated his acrobatic skills. Usually he is quite active in the evenings, and this night, he was pretty quiet. I got worried a bit. To top it off, I was feeling achy and crampy and I was afraid that these were all signs that the baby was quieting down in the birth canal, preparing for me to go into labor. I prayed for him to start moving around.

The last thing we need, on top of all the baby's "conditions", is to be born premature. So I was a bit restless for a few hours, hoping that I was just being paranoid. Luckily, the baby had a good 30 minutes of hiccups, which seemed to waken him up efficiently. He spent the next two hours hosting a circus in my belly. At one point I gasped out loud at how strong the elephant inside me had kicked me, that I was sure I would hear a "pop" and my water would break. Luckily, it is still intact.

The baby definitely heard my prayers for him to be active, and continued to have a great party all night long. He definitely isn't a tenderfoot. I'm sure that after he's born, he will be more than strong enough to withstand all the procedures and surgeries he will go through. Let's just hope that during the next 3 weeks, he is somewhat more sensitive with his watery environment, and doesn't end up breaking through too early!


Colleen said...

I have days like that too, where I just have to poke and prod the little man to make sure he's still doing ok in there. He can get pretty restful...and pretty jumpy too! Glad all is well! I'm definitley hoping and praying for the 4th for your little man!

Karen and Matt said...

I had those experiences all of the time with McKenzie. It scared me. She just wasn't a mover, or a kicker. Madisynn on the other hand totally was! I'm glad your prayers were answered and he is ok, and that he started to move around for you. Shaina you totally amaze me. I wish I were there to give you a big hug! I'm glad you have a date to be induced. We will continue our prayers for you guys. Hugs! =)

Adri said...

Glad he's back 'movin and groovin' in there. I've said more than one of those "please move, baby" prayers. And, strong is good. Very good.

rad6 said...

wow, 3 weeks... I had six and never ever remember thinking that the end could be "too close." I could not wait to be UNPREGNANT! But your situation is so different. Have no idea what you are going through, or will go through, won't pretend that I do either. But I do know about the power of faith and the power of prayer and I will be praying for you. Some stranger in Sacramento, Ca that you don't even know will be praying for you!
You seem so strong. keep it up! Hopefully you have a BIG knot in the end of your rope so you can hold on tight during the hard times.
happy baby... he will be his own set of miracles! no matter what.