Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Taking a Moment

Some days you need to just take a moment and enjoy doing nothing. However, it's the moments of "nothing" that prove to be something. Georgie loves taking baths, and afterward, having her hair dried with the blow dryer. She got dressed herself, with a little skirt she calls her "hips" and a pink striped shirt that she put on inside out. Today I indulged her requests, and also painted her "feets" and hands in pretty pink sparkly nail polish. She was so excited.

Afterward we had her favorite lunch, mac & cheese and applesauce. She also ate half a pear, which I am still encouraging her to finish so it doesn't go to waste. If you look closely, her little doggie purse, which holds all sorts of treasures in it's little zipper pouch, also got a taste of the mac & cheese.

Later, I'm dropping her off at a friends house while I have another OB appointment. She is very happy about playing with her friends.

So even though I feel like I didn't get much done today, I know that in Georgie's mind, it was a perfect day already.


Dan and Katie said...

If I ask nicely will you paint my feets too :)? I know how you feel about unpainted toe nails!

Anonymous said...

cute! that makes me feel better!