Sunday, November 1, 2009

Birth Story: Kolby Heath

I had a great pregnancy with Kolby, just like with my other babies. With this pregnancy, we decided not to find out what we were having. We had a boy and a girl already, so we had the supplies that we needed. We thought it would be fun to be surprised. For that reason, I think, we didn't pick out his name as easily as the other kid's names. Heath and I suggested names to each other throughout the pregnancy, and this time it seemed pretty consistent that we would go with another "K" name. So we went through the masses. None of them seemed right. I'm pretty sure we even ruled out the name Kolby at first. I can't even remember what the girl's name was that we had liked. It wasn't until a month or two before we had him, that we decided that Kolby would be it, if we had a boy. Of course, Heath still tells everyone that he had no idea I was spelling it with a K. Why wouldn't I?

On the morning of August 28th, 10 days before I was due, I finished showering and got dressed. For some reason, Heath was home with me that day. Maybe he had a late shift that day or something, but anyway, he was home with me. After I had been dressed for a few minutes, I felt a trickle of fluid run down my leg. I figured I just hadn't dried off completely after the shower, and thought nothing of it.
A few minutes later, another trickle happened. This time, I changed my underclothes. Again, about 10 minutes later, I was wet again. I honestly was beginning to wonder why I was so leaky all of the sudden. I knew my bladder was empty, so it wasn't that. Maybe I was just extra wet that day. hmmm. Then it all came together. I thought...maybe my water broke...slowly. Is that possible? So I called my OB and he said to come in and they would test the fluid to see if it was indeed my water, and not just a leaky bladder.
We dropped off the kids with some friends, called my mom to be on alert so she could go get the kids if it turned into labor day, and we headed to the doctor's office. Sure enough, my water had broken, but it wasn't a normal break by my cervix. It was a high leak, like a little tear, up by my ribcage. Apparently, my uterus was contracting a few times (I didn't feel it) and what resulted was the little trickles of fluid every 10 minutes or so.
Anyway, I was admitted into the hospital. However, hours went by before my doctor could come and officially break my water again, so Heath and I sat. walked. sat. and waited. Finally, around 6pm, he came and broke my water. My contractions started immediately. He said he'd go home to eat dinner with his family, and then come back to be with us. This was the same doctor I had with Keaton, so he knew fairly well how fast my labor would go.
About two hours later, he came back and made himself comfortable at the foot of my bed. He was wearing an old holey shirt and a pair of jogging shorts. I found his outfit interesting. Anyway, I was progressing nicely with my labor. In fact, I had decided to try out an epidural. It seemed like everyone was pleased with epidurals, and so I wanted to give it a shot. We got started with the IV, went over all the risks with the anesthesiologist and he started prepping. During this time, my labor was deep into transition time, and it was very hard to sit up and hold still. I remember as he was placing the needle, I had the incredible urge to push. I told everyone, and as soon as he took the needle out, I was laid down, and checked. Sure enough, the baby was crowning. I had the baby before the epidural even got a chance to begin. Kolby was also born face up (posterior) which made it more difficult and painful to push him out. As it was, I must be a great pusher, because even with that problem, I only pushed for a minute or two, as with my other two kids. My body really does a great job being pregnant and having babies. I am very lucky for that. This labor, as well as Keaton's labor, lasted 3 hours total.
Kolby seemed so tiny. He was 6 lbs 2 oz and had some dark hair. We named his middle name Heath, after his daddy. Here he is after his bath, with his nurse Stephanie.

The next day, Kamy and Keaton came and visited their new baby brother.

We went home a day or two later and all was well! We loved having another baby join our family.


Dan and Katie said...

I can't wait to find out what K name you have for your new little guy!

courtney said...

Shaina, do you not remember that Jared and I were staying with you? You left the kids with us. Mom showed up and we went over to the hospital and waited in the waiting room? When you said you named the baby Kolby Heath we were really surprised because we thought it was after us...not even thinking that Heath is the daddy. Remember? I was three months prego with Mackenzie. I don't blame you for forgetting, but just so you know the real story. Jared and I were there.

shaina said...

Corks, I believe I took the kids to my friend Tiphaine's house. I remember giving my directions to pick up the kids. I also remember you and Jared waiting in the waiting room until we had him, later that night.

Colleen said...

That dark hair is wonderful! Your labors are so fast! Did you get all numb after he arrived or were they able to stop the medicine once they realized that Kolby was on his way?

shaina said...

They hadn't given me the medicine yet...

Sharon said...

Ah i love kolbers *make a face*

Maynards said...

With your amazing labors, it is a wonder you are aiming for 12 kids!
My first one was so bad, I swore for months and months that one was good enough for us. Thank goodness for the forgetting phase.

Heath said...

She's aiming for 12 kids? !!!