Friday, November 20, 2009

I am so blessed!

My dear sweet friends are hosting this "Heal A Heart Boutique" for Kimble today and tomorrow. For the past few months, people have generously donated items to sell, including mostly homemade items like quilts, decorations, aprons, baby items, treats, etc. The most amazing thing is, all these items are donated, and ALL of the sales are for us to offset our medical costs. I still cannot believe how much time, effort, and love has gone into this huge project.
If you live in our area, and are looking for AMAZING handmade items, please stop by! I got a peek at some of the items for sale, and I cannot believe the quality. Truly, truly amazing all that has been done for us.
If you live far away and cannot come, there is one item that you can buy: My Cookbook! Just click on the link at the top-right of the page and it will take you directly to my book on Blurb.
So today, as Mr. Kimble and I sit and snuggle, my heart and mind will be with my friends and what they are doing in my behalf. Their service, love, strength, and support have made all the difference to me and my family. Thank you so much.


runningfan said...

You are most welcome.

Maynards said...

No prob. Shaina. If it were reversed, I am sure you would be right in on helping as well. This is what friendship is all about. We all love you.
And you are right, there are some absolutely ADORABLE things. I can't wait to go in a few hours for my "shift" just to see everything again.

courtney said...

I totally meant to paint some sexy trees for it! Well, if anyone wants a sexy tree collection, let me know.

my4suns2 said...

You have no idea how much I want to be there right now. I'd love to come and see all the darling things and just chat with everyone.

Colleen said...

I got the cutest tutus (no, not for my boys :)), yummiest fudge (that is all gone), and adorable burp cloths (which Tommy has already thouroughly saturated!). And one of my blankets even sold! Things are flying off the shelves like hot cakes! We love you!