Saturday, December 26, 2009

Christmas Celebrations

You may remember our Christmas Eve Tradition of taking a family picture dressed in our Christmas Pajamas. Here is our picture for this year.

Someday, we'll get a tripod. Then, maybe we will be able to take our picture without balancing our camera on books and boxes, and in the process, managing to cut our heads out of the frame of the picture. At least I managed to get myself and baby in the picture, after pushing the timer on the camera and running back to get myself situated in the 7 seconds before the camera clicks a picture. Now that, I'm good at.

After we took pictures, we let the kids open up one gift before they were sent to bed. Somebody did a "Secret Santa"' for us, and left these four gifts for the kids, as well as a package of diapers, and some food for us. So the kids chose to open up those gifts.
Georgie got a My Little Pony...
The boys both got a bakugan, and Kamy got a barbie. They were thrilled with them!

We certainly love taking pictures of Mr. Kimble! He was alert and happy for the evening, and seemed to enjoy watching everything happen. The jammies he was wearing were worn by both Keaton, and Kolby, on their first Christmas too. We were thrilled to carry on the tradition.

Christmas morning was exciting for the kids. Among the legos, connector building toys, and art supply stuff they got, everyone got a robe. They've been asking for a robe for many months, and Keaton has wanted one for years. So I found robes for all of them and they were very happy. So happy, in fact, that they have yet to take them off....

Kimble enjoyed sleeping in on Christmas morning.

Keaton got a fun race car track and we all enjoyed putting it together and crashing the cars into each other around the track.

Those were all the pictures I took Christmas day. We had a great holiday, simple and quiet, which was perfect for us. We are all together. We are healthy. We are truly blessed. Hope your Christmas was fabulous as well.


edyB said...

I think you had a blessed Christmas.May the new year bring wonderful things to your family.

Dan and Katie said...

Dan and I have done that matching pajama thing too :) Oh and by the way, I got my 12+ yards of Christmas fabric today at Joanns for the Christmas gift bags...I think I may have gone a little overboard!

Ande said...

as usual love the pics. Looks like you guys had a great Christmas!!!

Valerie said...

Simple, quiet, and healthy is so blessed. Merry Christmas.