Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Double Dating

It's a delicate balance managing two cardiologists, in two different locations, at the same time. Of course, they know about each other, so it's not like I'm two-timing them. They exchange information with each other. They coordinate amongst themselves regarding the direction of Kimble's care. They give me things, to give to the other an echocardiogram session, burned on a cd. They even speak very highly of the other.

So when I see one, inevitably, the other wants to know all about it. Sometimes I feel like I'm stuck in the middle, and am getting pulled in both directions.

Yesterday we saw our cardiologist here in the springs, Dr. Brames. It was a good visit, and we talked about what the next six months will bring for Kimble: another surgery for sure; more procedures; a lot of watching the right ventricle to see what it's going to do; making sure he remains healthy and strong and growing.

The slight problem remains with his scar that runs down the middle of his chest. It's got two spots, on top and on bottom, that remain open and irritated. He was actually seen last week up in Denver, regarding these two wounds. We've been treating them with some saline gel stuff to cleanse it out, and keeping sterile bandages over the top of the wounds. Yesterday, it seemed that the wounds were getting red, and possibly infected. So Dr. Brames prescribed some antibiotics, just in case, and a followup visit in a week.

Per my instructions with the Denver team, if the wounds changed at all for the worse, I was to let them know. So after my appointment with Dr. Brames, Heath took some pictures of Kimble's chest scar and we emailed them up to Denver to see what they thought of it. In turn, they wanted to see Kimble today to have the Surgeon look at him.

When we got up there, the overall consensus was that the wounds did NOT look infected and they agreed that they would NOT have prescribed antibiotics.

Thus lies my dilemma of seeing two cardiologists with differing diagnosis. I said to Dr. Campbell, our cardiac surgeon "Well, you know we are dating both of you, so tell me which one of you to listen to." He chuckled a bit at my analogy, then said "We'll compromise, and you can only do the antibiotics for half the time as prescribed."

Looks like I just have to keep on double dating, and let them figure everything out. I just do as I'm told.


Colleen said...

Funny analogy! I am glad it looked well! See you tomorrow.

Nicki said...

Two timing is tough!!! At some point I hope you can just stay faithful to one. . . BTW--that scarf was beautiful!

Pam said...

Too funny! Love your sense of humor. Glad Kimble is doing so well!

Sara said...

I love the double dating analogy.