Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Growing like a weed!

If you blink, you might miss seeing how fast this little guy is growing! He has had 4 doctor's appointments in the two weeks that he's been home, and has been weighed at every visit. Currently, he is gaining half a pound per week. That is super impressive to his doctors, who often witness a "failure to thrive" with their cardiac patients. Kimble now weighs in at 8 lbs 3 oz. At least, that's what he weighed on Monday. It's been two whole days of him eating nonstop (I'm totally not kidding) and I feel him get heavier everytime I pick him up.
When he is not eating, he loves to watch what's going on around him. He has yet to smile on purpose, although he gives some sweet grins when he's sleeping. He is definitely showing his personality, and letting us know what he wants, when he wants it. By definition, this means "I want my binkie", "I want to eat", and "I want you to cuddle me to sleep".
He actually enjoys his daily baths, and seems to particularly like it when his head/hair gets scrubbed down. He has three medications he takes daily, and he is amazingly adept at swallowing it all down without gagging, choking, or fussing through it.

We just love our Mr. Kimble, and consider it a blessing everyday that he is with us.


Carol said...

Beautiful... just beautiful!!

Colleen said...

I just think Kimble is such a darling little boy! He looks like he's growing and healthy and so dang sweet! What a blessing the eating non-stop is, even though it puts all plans on hold! I am so happy he is home and doing so well.

And your Christmas menu sounds delicious. We are having some similar dishes but for our Christmas Eve dinner instead since my parents have to fly out midday on Christmas Day: ham, green beans, but also sesame seed crusted brussel sprouts and carrots, and stilton cheese scalloped potatoes instead of mashed and chocolate mousse too. We do abelskivers and fresh fruit (pineappple too!) for Christmas Eve breakfast, and then beef stew and asiago rolls for Christmas dinner (something easy for the crock pot!). Don't you love holiday feasting?!

Jen said...

He is so precious and definitely growing like a weed. What a blessing. Hope you have a wonderful Christmas.

purejoy said...

he is adorable (i know, nothing new, really, i say it every time). he looks like such a calm little guy! and big sis looks like she's got him all under control.
sweet fam.
what a blessing he is doing well. christmas came early!

Pam said...

He is so precious! A gift!
Merry Christmas