Tuesday, December 22, 2009


Today was one of those days where I had big plans. There were things that I needed to get done today.
*My room seriously needed some attention since I couldn't see the floor anymore.
*I did lots of holiday baking last night, so the husband could take treats into work, and even though I did many a load of dishes last night, I still had tidying up to do, as well as goodies to arrange in baggies to drop of to friends.
*I have new neighbors that go to our church, and I had planned to stop by today and introduce myself.
*I haven't done laundry in a few days, and even in those few days, the laundry has totally piled up, especially when my newborn likes to spit up on everything.
*I was going to help the kids make beaded necklaces today.
*A few bills need to be paid, as well as a few checks to send to the bank for deposit.
* All the clean laundry that the kids put away on Saturday is currently sitting atop their dressers, because they say their drawers are too full. I need to go through and sort out the stuff that doesn't fit them anymore. If I don't get to it soon, all those clean clothes are going to end up on the floor and trodden over, then returned to the dirty clothes, which makes my laundry load even bigger.

However, Kimble had different plans. He wanted me to hold him All.Day.Long. Now, I seriously love holding my baby, but I really needed to get things done today. Everytime I went to get something done, Kimble would cry and cry and cry. I would feed him until he was in a milk-induced coma, then I would lie him down, and just when I was getting going on one of the items on my "to do" list, he would start crying.

Normally Kimble sleeps for some good chunks of time, and I am able to do all the other mommy stuff that I need to do, but it seemed like today, Kimble just needed his mommy all to himself.

I got halfway through one load of laundry...
halfway through picking up my bedroom...
halfway through cleaning up the kitchen...
halfway out the door to take pictures of my big kids playing outside in the backyard...
halfway through my stack of bills...
halfway though my cup of hot chocolate...
halfway through drying my hair after my shower...

...before Kimble's cries could no longer be ignored.

So I stopped what I was doing, put on a movie for the older kids (Mickey's Magical Christmas), and settled down to give my baby all the love and attention he desired. As I sat there, feeling his chest rise and fall against my own, as his hand curled around my shirt and his face turned up towards mine, and watched him give a little smile in his sleep as his eyes drifted closed, I had a moment to reflect on what was really important right now.

My baby needs me, and I need him. If he wants love, I have it in abundance. Times like this won't last forever. Sometimes, it's ok to have a halfway day, as long as the important things don't get shortchanged.


Carol said...

Well put - it is soo true!!

Pam said...

Amen to that! They grow up fast.
Merry Christmas

runningfan said...


Vix said...

So lovely and so true. You NEED a moby sling though, it allowed me to survive the Clara Klingon (seriously 6 months of velco attached child!)