Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Holiday Menu

These are the treats I made for the Husband to take to work: Cranberry oat cookies, Peanut butter fudge, Reeses, Sweet and Spicy Nuts, and Puppy Chow (peanut butter and chocolate chex mix).
For our Christmas Eve Candlelight dinner, we are having Ham, mashed potatoes, crescent rolls, green beans, fresh pineapple, and Sparkling Cider. For dessert, Pumpkin roll and chocolate mousse with strawberries.
For our Christmas morning breakfast, we are having ranch potatoes, sausage gravy, sausage patties, orange juice, eggs, and orange rolls.
Then we eat leftovers for days.
What are your menu plans for Christmas?


purejoy said...

after opening our family gifts on christmas eve over "fancy drinks" (like cranberry ginger ale) and treats (artichokes and cheese and crackers), we'll head downtown for a christmas eve service at an urban-ish church. it's on the way to where we're headed so we opt for that rather than the children's service our own church does at 4.
then it's off to meeka and pops (g-parents) in gatlinburg where we'll enjoy a traditional italian (at least it's tradition on the meeka side of the family) meal after everyone's back from church. we'll sit around and talk until it's time to go to bed.
the next morning, we have a big breakfast before opening our family gifts, and as the morning progresses, the rest of the family trickles in. when we've all gathered, there are about 17 of us. we'll play some touch football, sit around and knit and talk or watch christmas movies. crackling fire. homemade chex mix. hors d'oeuvres out the ying-yang…then it's time for dinner.
afterwards, most of us spend the night (even though we're all within an easy drive home) and there's bodies everywhere. it's part of the charm.
sorry for the novel, but you asked!!
hope you have a wonderful, blessed christmas.

steffany said...

This all sounds wonderful and I do love to cook; but our plans are very simple. We make homemade pizza for Christmas dinner every year. The tradition started when I was little because my dad didn't want my mom in the kitchen for hours on Christmas. I am pretty sure that all of my sisters have continued the tradition with their families. We love it!

linda said...

Tomorrow night we will have clam chowder and homemade bread before heading to church. On Friday morning we will have scrambled eggs, biscuits and gravy and hashbrowns. We are suppose to have dinner with friends, however both my boys have managed to catch colds. So we will see how they are feeling. Saturday and Sunday we will eat appetizers and watch football.

Hope that you have a wonderful Christmas