Sunday, December 20, 2009


Inspired by my friend Sara, who owns Spongyfeet, and makes amazing vintage baby blankets, I made my friend Margaret a blanket set, with three matching burp cloths, out of cute pink polkadot material and backed with soft chenille, for her baby shower.

I was totally jealous of it. The only thing that stopped me from keeping it for my baby instead of hers, was that it was pink.

So I made one for myself...uh, I made one for Kimble. Merry Christmas Kimble!


Jen said...

What an awesome blanket. I love the fabric you picked. I definitely need to make one of those for this next baby. and the burp clothes and the car seat cover. So glad you are home enjoying family and the wonderful holiday season.

Vix said...

That is gorgeous! I don't blame you for making one for you, errr, Kimble.

Jen Sue Wild said...

Cute That fabric looks familiar it matches his bath towel apron I made you..

Adri said...

Love it!