Saturday, January 2, 2010

The Morning Routine

Kimble has medications he needs to take every day. First, he is on aspirin, for his heart. Second, he is on Lasix, which is a diuretic. Third, he is on Prevacid, to help with reflux. Temporarily, he is taking an antibiotic as well. He gets all of these great medications every morning, with a double dose of Lasix (and antibiotics) at night.

Then he gets a bath. His chest incision needs to be cleaned every day with soap and water. I love that it's a requirement that he gets a bath everyday. I love a fresh and clean smelling baby. Kimble doesn't mind it either. He loves it when his head gets washed.

Then he gets a rubdown with lotion, new clothes, and enjoys having some alert time. Just this past week I've noticed how much Kimble has changed. He has more moments of awake time, and absolutely loves to watch what's going on around him.

Then he goes back to sleep for a while, and I have a chance to jump in the shower...which is what I need to do now.
Happy New Year!


Julee said...

He is such a cutie!

purejoy said...

he is beautiful!! my kids loved bathey time too. such a good bonding time. happy new year!

edyB said...

Sweet Baby!
Also, those watch bracelets are wonderful! Do make them in every color combo. What a treat for yourself.

kdaygirl said...

He looks so much bigger than when I left. He looks so much more like a healthy baby now. I am glad to see that he has gained some weight. I hope that his incisions close soon too. School starts soon...yea!

Jed and Kera said...

I think it's Kimble's big eyes that reminds me so much of my little one. Maybe that is part of the reason I am so drawn to him :O)