Monday, December 28, 2009

Santa Cards

Before the kids went to bed Christmas Eve, they all made a card for Santa Claus, and left them on the counter, with a plate of cookies and a glass of milk. They saw where Santa was on the NORAD Santa Tracker, and went to bed as Santa's journey turned him from some South American Islands, towards North America.

Here is part of the card that Kolby wrote, which said "Santa, thanks for best Krismis". I absolutely loved his picture of Santa Claus.

Kamy documented her card the same way she starts off her entries in her journal, with the date and time. I remember when I use to do that too.

Keaton likes to identify everything in his pictures, so he labeled the dishes in the background, as well as the cookies in Santa's hand.
Georgie told Kamy what she wanted to write, and Kamy wrote it for her. Then Georgie said she wanted her best friend, Teralynn, to be in the picture too. She chose her two favorite colors, pink and purple, and colored the pictures.

In turn, Santa left a note for the kids that said "Thanks for the cookies, kids. Merry Christmas! -Santa Claus" He ate three cookies, leaving crumbs on the plate, and drank all but a few drops of the milk that we left out for him. Hope you had a safe journey back to the North Pole, Santa!

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Anonymous said...

these are adorable!! the first one like he's from india..