Friday, December 11, 2009

To Miss, or Not To Miss

Since coming home from the hospital, I've realized there are a few things I miss about living there...believe it or not.

*I miss the french toast, omelets, hashbrowns, chicken salad sandwiches, and creamy potato soup from the hospital cafeteria.

*I miss all the amazing staff that made my month in the hospital feel less clinical, and more loving.

* I miss the new friends I made, the other families going through the same thing, with their babies.

* I miss the doctors and nurses that I came to know, and become friends with.

* I miss the crushed ice machine.

Things I don't miss:

*Sleeping with all the lights on.

*Sleeping on the fold-out bench next to the really cold and drafty window.

*Sleeping in an open area where people are constantly coming in.

*Sleeping only an hour or two at a time, and hardly more than a few hours a night.

*Hearing other people NOT in, noisy!

*Not being able to sleep with my baby next to me, because of all his cords and monitors that keep him chained to within 3 feet of his monitors.

*Waiting in line for a shower.

*The monitors and machines that constantly BEEPED.

*The IVs, wires, lines, and monitors that were hooked up to baby, which made holding him difficult, and putting clothes on him impossible until his last few days as a patient.

*Having to use toilet seat liners.

Things I am happy about:

*Taking a bath!

*Sleeping next to my baby.

*Sleeping in my bed.

*Sleeping next to my husband.

*Being home with my kids.

*Having access to the rest of my wardrobe.

*Eating meals from home again.

*Cooking again.

*Seeing friends. (Still haven't seen any, but if you are healthy...come on by!)

*Going to church...eventually...when germs are less of a threat.

*Putting clothes on Kimble.

*Helping Kolby with homework.


*Enjoying the holidays with my family.

*Adding Kimble's Christmas stocking to the rest of the family's. (More on this later)

*Blogging about the rest of the family.


Heidi said...

Shaina, I am so happy that you and Baby Kimble are home. I only know you through this blogging world.. but I've followed along and prayed with so many others for you and the entire family.

Enjoy all 5 of your blessing this Christmas.. as I know you will.


Trinette McCrary said...

Oh Shaina, I was going to come see you on Thursday, but oh the Misery of my sinus infection. I'm not contagious and when I'm feeling better I will stop by. I loved your list.

Megan said...

Good list. When we were shopping for a new fridge a few weeks ago I thought of you because some of the nice new fridges have a shaved ice (I think that was it or maybe it was the sonic type ice) option. I just remember thinking that this is the one you'd want to buy. Random. We didn't get that one though because we wanted a french door (fridge on top) style and they didn't have that option available. I'm glad you're enjoying being home with your family. I can't even imagine what a month in the hospital would be like.

Nicki said...

So glad that you made it home--I'm sure sleeping in your own bed has been wonderful. Also so glad you made it home to celebrate Georgie's b-day. . . I can not believe how fast that time has gone. It needs to stop for a bit. Happy homecoming to you guys!

runningfan said...

What a lovely list! I'd love to see you, too. The kids have colds, I have mastitis...maybe we can make it work next week!

Colleen said...

I'd miss those things too, but fortunately all the things unmissed are much greater! So glad you are home!

Elise said...

Glad you and Kimble are finally home. I remember missing the security of the machines when we brought Matt home. As much as I hated all the noise, knowing that the machines could tell me if something was wrong was priceless. Also, I missed the nurses caring for Matt, especially when I was tube feeding him at home. Funny how you start to miss things from the hospital, isn't it?

courtney said...

It's almost a week and it looks like things are settling in! I am happy to see a sense of normalicy starting up again! Keep it up! love you tons!