Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Who Knew The Doctor's Office Could Be So Fun

Last week I took Kolbers and Georgie to the Pediatrician for their birthday checkups. Kolby's birthday was in August, and Georgie just had hers a few weeks ago. Really, this checkup was over a year late, since I never took them last year. I figured it was time.

They had a blast wearing their paper dressing gowns, while waiting for the doctor to come in. It was good entertainment for me, to see what they would do next.

It's amazing what a simple paper outfit can do to help pass the time. In terms of the kids' growth, Kolby is exactly 50th percentile, in height and weight. He weighs 45 pounds (all lean muscle, that kid is built like a runner or a soccer player) and is 46 inches tall.
Georgie is exactly 10th percentile in height and weight. She's been tiny her whole life, so she's right on track with her history. She weighs a whopping 28 pounds and is 37 inches tall.
Next stop: Dentist.


Colleen said...

It's always good to know they are nice and healthy! I love Keaton's Christmas wish. Sometimes I think I need one of those in the morning when I'm feeling extra sleepy...I need help getting up.

melissahurst99 said...

LOL!! Georgies weight makes me laugh because our baby Kingston is just over 2 and he weighed 28lbs. at the doctor 2 weeks ago! LOL! He short fatty.