Friday, December 31, 2010

Shopping With Mr. Kimble

Before Christmas, Kimble accompanied me on my errands.  We went to Kohl's, Costco, and Walmart.  By the time we got to Walmart, he was exhausted.  He had fallen asleep in the car, and I thought he would wake up in the transfer from his carseat to my shoulder, but he didn't.  So after a few minutes, my arms were tired from holding him with one arm, manipulating a mischievous shopping cart with the other, all while trying not to run into the entire town of people that decided to shop at Walmart that afternoon.  I didn't have a blanket with me, but I was right next to an aisle of big thick towels.  I grabbed two and made a makeshift bed in the front of the cart, and laid him in it. 
He was so tired, he didn't even budge.  For the next hour, he slept blissfully, as I went around the store gathering random things I needed for our new house, as well as getting food for the next week of dinners.
When I checked out, he was still sleeping.  I put  him back in his carseat, buckled him in, and he slept until we got home.

Wednesday, December 29, 2010


Santa brought Kolby a big package of fake teeth.  That's just plain gross.

Christmas For The Girls

For the girls, I decided to make them some rag quilts for their beds.  They turned out great, although I haven't made them matching pillow cases yet.  I also have the ambition to make them some ruffle curtains, and a few other decorative things for their bedroom, using the same material.  I'll get to it....eventually.

I made Kamy an artwork caddy, since she is constantly coloring and drawing and writing.  I wanted her to have everything in one place, so as she moved around the house, she could easily take her stuff with her.  I didn't have a pattern or anything, making it up as I went along.  I think overall, it turned out great.

 For Georgie (and her cousin Jayne) I made a Princess and the Pea set.  It has a princess, a stack of mattresses, and of course, a pea.  I had a nice hardbound book included, too.  I think they turned out so cute.

I made the mattresses attached with velcro, so they could be interchangeable, but still stay together when stack.  Look at her sleeping.  Such a princess.  If you are interested, I got the idea for this HERE.

I made Georgie a little pocket notebook and crayon holder, so that when we go places, she will have a place to color.

I made Kamy a purse From This Pattern, called the phoebe bag, and it was so easy.  She loves it.  She brought it to church with her on Sunday, and inside, she had her scriptures, some lip gloss, a comb, and some paper and pencils.

I also had my friend's sister make these hats for the girls.  Adorable.  She will make any hat, to your specifications.  Her site is called JUICY, so go on over and give her some business!
They got a few other things that I didn't make (as well as the boys), but the majority of our Christmas was homemade.  It was a fun Christmas for us all!

Christmas For The Boys

For Christmas, I wanted to make peg people for the boys.  I got to work painting, and realized very quickly, that I am NOT a painter.  I pretty much suck at painting.  Nevertheless, I persevered in honor of Keaton and Kolby.  I made a set of Star Wars characters.

Luke.  I am your Father.

I made a set of superheros and their accompanying villains.

Then I made a place for all of them to sleep.  Everyone has their own little pouch, and it gets rolled up nice and tight.

I also made the boys some jedi cloaks (which just for excitement, are reversible).  To go along with the cloaks, they needed new light sabers, of course.

For their room, they got some star wars posters and stick-ons.  They love them.

They like to keep everything on their side table, nice and neat, with their cloaks hanging nearby.  They even got two big books, all about Star Wars.  They've already spent many a night engrossed in the pictures and words of their beloved Star Wars World.

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

The Kitchen

This is the kitchen in our new house.  It doesn't have much counterspace, and the pantry is severely lacking.  In fact, it's lacking so much, that I need to use shelves in my garage, for all my canned goods, as well as my large baking and cooking items (my wok, pie pans, serving dishes, etc).  However, I love the wood floors and how nicely all my appliances match.

I made the curtains, which I still need to tweak a bit to get them the way I want them (by adding hooks to the top, and having tie-backs).  Also, I need some new curtain rods, but besides that, I love them. There is great light that comes through the windows during the day, and really brings out the nice yellow color of the curtains.  I also love my polkadot oilcloth tablecloth that I made for our (new!) dining set.  It brings so much brightness and fun.

I still have some pictures to hang up in here, but the kitchen was nice and clean, so I took pictures!

Monday, December 27, 2010

Man Tool

I always try to take pictures of The Husband and I in the car.  It usually doesn't work out.  But I keep on doing it anyway.  I don't know why I always want to take car pictures.   I just do.

Back to The Husband.  He's enjoyed being a home-owner this week.  Every day, I work hard at clearing out boxes and organizing stuff into it's new home.  Every night, The Husband comes home and has a list of his own stuff to do.  His stuff is usually accompanied by some sort of "man tool".  He has his drill, his screw drivers, his caulking gun, or his big strong muscles, or whatever else fits into the tool category.  Oh, and he really is happy doing all of it.  He, quite literally, whistles while he works.

He's a good guy.  I quite like having him around.  Right now he needs me to be his helper, in holding a utility shelf for our laundry room.  Gotta go.

Christmas Eve Dinner

Christmas Eve, we were invited to join our friends, The Conlins, for dinner.  They prepared a turkey, gravy, stuffing, green beans, appetizers, and chocolate mousse.  We prepared a ham, mashed potatoes, rolls, pineapple, french silk pie and peppermint bark.  Everything tasted amazing, and by the end of the night, we were rolling ourselves off the couches.

As we were preparing the food, I took this picture of Colleen, Adam, and Colleen's mom (her dad was there too!).  I'm not sure what was so funny, but I love how it captures the mood of the night.  We definitely laugh a lot whenever we get together with the Conlins.  We love them all so much!

The kids were nowhere to be seen, except when we called them up to eat.  They have so much fun playing with each other. Their five boys, and our five kids, are really close in ages.  Their oldest boy Zach, and Kamy, are going to miss each other terribly.  I have a feeling that they are destined for each other.  We'll see.  Anyway, they were all having a blast playing with each other, and for a snippet of time, Georgie and Luke came up to showcase their outfits.  Here, Georgie borrowed Luke's mask.  Later, she became batman.

Here are our cute husbands, with our cute babies (who are about two weeks apart in age...the babies, not the husbands).

Gotta have a picture with Colleen.  She's one of my besties here, and I love her to pieces.

Adam managed to squeeze enough chairs around the table for all of us to fit.  You can see everyone here except for Kimble, who is hidden in the back left corner.  I practically had to dive over him to get back to my seat in time after setting up the camera for the timer shot.  Seven seconds isn't a whole lot of time when you have to hurdle over people.  I barely made it in time!  I really should have just let someone else set up the camera, but I tend to be a control freak over pictures, so it didn't even occur to me to have someone else do it!

It was a great evening.  A perfect start to Christmas.

Christmas Lumberjack

 Santa brought Mr. Kimble this cute hat and glove set.  Isn't he the most adorable little Christmas Lumberjack?

Friday, December 24, 2010

Christmas Eve

Every year, we take a Christmas Eve picture in our red pajamas. The Husband and I have been wearing the same Santa pajama pants for about 9 years now.  Either they are growing with us, or we are doing pretty good at still fitting into them, even with our adjustable sizes through the years.

Merry Christmas everyone!

Kimble's Room

Kimble's room is small, and it also doubles as the guest room.  Except for some wall decorations (which I don't have yet), his room is done.  The curtain material, bedspread, rug, and the material for Kimble's bedding were all bought at different places throughout the year, and without an opportunity to make sure they matched, but they all look so great together!  I'm very pleased with the colors in his room.  It's bright and airy and makes me forget how small the room is.

If you are a guest, coming over to stay at our house, this is where you will sleep.  The bed is super soft,     there is a dresser in the closet, and the bathroom is only a few steps away.

The tissue globes, above Kimble's bed, are courtesy of my friend Adri, who stepped in to make some for me when I tried, and failed.  Thanks Adri!

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Picture {Christmas Hats}

We found the box of Christmas hats!

Monday, December 20, 2010


We are making progress on our house.  It was a busy weekend, for sure, with packing on Friday and moving over on Saturday.   We couldn't have done it without the wonderful help we recieved from dear friends, who sacraficed their days to help us get everything done.  On Sunday we said "See you soon" instead of "Goodbye" to our church friends.  Even with that, I cried instantly whenever someone came over to give me a hug.  Great friends, friends that have become family, are so hard to walk away from.  I only hope that we all follow through with our promises to still see each other.  I can't bear to think of any other result.

Anyway, I better get back to unpacking everything.  Hope everyone is enjoying this week before Christmas!

Thursday, December 16, 2010


It's official!  Hours after having Kimble discharged from the hospital, and oblivious to the fact that I was still wearing my hospital band, we signed the papers on our new house and were handed two bright and shiny keys.  Yay for us!

The Power Of Prayer

We were discharged today!  We've been home about an hour, and Kimble is snuggled up in his crib taking a nap.  Let me tell you a quick story of what happened over the last two days.

On Tuesday, the doctor assigned to Kimble told us that we would be in the hospital through the weekend.  She said there was no way this would resolve sooner than that, and to just expect to be here.  I told her a bit about what we had in store this week (closing on our house, packing, and moving) and she suggested either changing our plans, or having people come help us because no matter what, we would be in the hospital.  She wasn't scheduled to come in on Wednesday, but said she'd see us Thursday again.  She even chuckled when I suggested that perhaps on Thursday, he would be well enough to come home.  Needless to say, she disagreed.

Tuesday night, The Husband (and a friend) gave Kimble a blessing through the power of the priesthood.  He was blessed that his body would heal itself and that we could continue with all of our plans related to moving, and all would be well.  I had faith that Kimble would be healed, and that come Thursday, when we saw the doctor again, that she would see nothing that would require Kimble to stay in the hospital.

Wednesday morning, I came in to Kimble's room (The Husband had stayed with him through the night) and saw that Kimble looked much better!  This is what he looked like.

The swelling was down, and even though there was still firmness near his jaw area, it was much reduced.  I kept a prayer in my heart that throughout the next day, it would continue to go down.  I know many of you were praying for him as well.  We spent lots of time just talking with each other, and snuggling.

And Kimble wasn't bothered at all by his IV antibiotics.

Thursday morning, when the doctor came back in, she was in shock that Kimble looked perfectly normal.  She said she couldn't believe it, and would never had anticipated that she was about to say this, but Kimble could go home!

Later, after she had made her dictation, she came back in our room and said "I just had this feeling overcome me, as I  was dictating, that this little boy must have a lot of people praying for him.  Even this hospital visit aside, with all his heart problems, he is doing so well and is healthy and strong."  I told her that with much faith, we believed that Kimble would be healed and that we would be able to go home today, with enough time to accomplish everything else we needed to do as a family this weekend.  She replied "It's impressive what I saw happen here, and I only hope that I can be the recipient of such powerful prayers if I ever need them."

So we were discharged a few hours after that, and are happy to be home.  We have an appointment later today to sign the papers for our new house!  Tomorrow, my generous and helpful friends are coming over to help pack, and Saturday, we move over.

Thank you all for your faith and prayers and thoughts.  Once again, Kimble is a miracle baby.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Kimble's Update

This morning, an ultrasound was done on Kimble's neck and jaw area, to determine where the swelling was.  It is in his lymph nodes, but as of yet, no mass has developed.  Just the swelling.  Why did the swelling happen?  We still don't know.

There are two situations that could occur this week.  The first one being, the swelling will resolve itself, through the help of the IV antibiotics that he is on, and then we can go home.  If this happens, it will take through the weekend to resolve, and that means being in the hospital the entire time.

The second situation that could happen, is that a mass will develop, and then we will need to go up to The Denver Children's Hospital to get it drained surgically.  If this will occur, most likely it will present itself by Friday.

His blood work shows no elevation in white blood cells.  It's a mystery, right now, what is going on with Kimble.  We pray that it gets resolved quickly.

In the mean time, Kimble is doing well.  He is happy and active.  He wants to move around and is annoyed that we won't let him down.  He has to stay in his crib, or in our arms.  We were able to walk down the hall this morning, and have Kimble play in the playroom, but we can't do that anymore. Because Kimble hasn't had the mumps vaccine, it is possible that this is what he has.  Due to that, and the length of time it takes for blood work to come back to verify, we are under quarantine in our room.  It's unfortunate, but that's the way it is.

When we were checked into our room, in Pediatrics, we found this little quilt on the bed, with a note saying it was donated to us.  I feel like we heave come full circle.  We just finished doing the big blanket drive for The Children's Hospital, and now we are back to being patients again and having acts of service done on our behalf.  It's very inspiring, once again, to see such service in action.

Going back and forth to the hospital and home again, I'm grateful to be local this time, instead of up in Denver.  We have so much going on this week, with closing on our new house, packing up our current house, and moving over.  I'm so thankful to sweet and caring friends that have stepped in and taken care of things for me.  Between watching kids, picking up kids, bringing dinners, and organizing a day to pack up my house, we have been extremely blessed and very much taken care of.

Kimble is doing well.  More than anything, this is an annoyance on a very busy week.   However, as we have seen before, things can go from calm to horrendous.  Thank you for your prayers and well wishes.  I'll continue to keep everyone updated!

Picture {Peek-a-Boo}

This was Kimble last night, as we were waiting for his IV antibiotics to get started.  When I know more later today, I'll make another post.  As of now, Kimble is doing just fine.

Monday, December 13, 2010


This morning  I woke up to a swollen little face smiling at me.  During the night, his lymph nodes decided to flare up with infection.  To feel it, it's rock hard and very large, extending from his chin to just behind his ear.  I took him to the Pediatrician, with a call to his Cardiologist as well.

After a few hours of details that I will update you on later, it's decided that Kimble will be admitted to the hospital to get started on IV antibiotics.  After a few days, we'll know whether he will need surgery to drain his lymph nodes.

We leave immediately, to get admitted.   What an unexpected turn of events. I thought I would spend all day packing.  Instead, I'm on my way to the hospital.  Please pray for us that Kimble won't need surgery.

Picture {Bottle}

Mr. Kimble loves his bottles of warm milk.

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Picture {Tights}

This week, in effort to stay focused on packing, I thought I'd entertain you with a picture a day.

Today's picture portrays Georgie taking a coloring break, perched atop a box that is filled with board games.  She is wearing some new tights I found at the mall, her new soft polkadot sweater, and my high heels that I wore to church today.  Carry on sister.

Saturday, December 11, 2010


Yes. I'm finally packing.  We got word that we should all be good to go for closing on our house this Thursday, and in turn, moving over on Saturday.

For me, packing isn't just throwing things in a box and closing it up.   It's going through every little thing; sorting through it; making piles of trash or goodwill; cleaning as I go.  It takes longer, but I love the end result:  A completely beautiful and organized "new space" for everything in the next house.

I've gotten pretty good at this.  Two years ago, we moved three times in one year.  Crazy.

So anyway, I better get back to packing...Oh, and while I've been busy, Mr. Kimble has found a way to crawl out of his high chair.  Guess I'd better strap him in now.
And for humor sake, I just overheard Kamy, who is in the kitchen peeling an orange, singing to herself with a made-up tune "Oh, yes, I'm eating an or-range! Oh No, I'm not gonna get scurr-vy!"

Thursday, December 9, 2010

An Impromptu Outing

Georgie, Kimble and I left the house about 9:30am this morning, to meet some of my friends for a birthday brunch.  After a lovely time socializing, we went our separate ways.  Instead of going home, I thought I'd take Georgie to see Tangled.  I should have taken her yesterday, on her birthday, but didn't think about it until the evening.  Anyway, she got some birthday money from her Grandma, and wanted to pay for her ticket. I was happy to let her.  However, we had some time to waste, before the movie at 12:30.  We stopped at Ross (my favorite store) and I found this cute polkadot fleece jacket for her, priced at just a few bucks.  Not finding anything else, we left the store and headed to the mall.

Rounding the corner, looking for an escalator for Georgie to ride, we saw that Santa was there!  Even better, there was NO line.  We skipped right up to the front and Georgie climbed on Santa's lap.  He asked her what she wanted for Christmas, and she said "A barbie. A beautiful barbie".  Then, when Santa told her to have a wonderful Christmas, she looked at him and said "We don't get to have a Christmas this year."  Santa was crushed.  He looked at me like I was the worst parent ever.  I had to explain that we are moving the week before Christmas, and although we had to draw the line at all of our Christmas decorations, that we would indeed, still be celebrating Christmas.

I think Santa forgave me. Then he spent a bit of time admiring the binkie clip I made Kimble.  He might have said "industrial" a time or two, which made me chuckle.  Anyway, after that, we went to see Tangled.  We practically had the theater to ourselves, with only two other people watching it with us.  Here's a quick picture I took right when the lights went low.

After the movie ended, which was really cute, we came home.  My arms are tired of carrying Kimble (and my heavy purse) around all day.  Next time I'll remember the umbrella stroller.  I mean, you know you're a mom when you can manage to use a public bathroom while holding a baby (and your purse because there isn't a hook to be found) in your arms as you relieve your bursting bladder, al lthe while managing your adventurous preschooler as she tries to open the stall door before you are ready...Anyway, it was a great impromptu outing.  Besides the bathroom bit (which is unavoidable) it was fun.