Tuesday, January 5, 2010

12 Christmas Stockings...All In A Row!

Well, I guess they are all in two rows in this picture! Here are the Christmas Stockings that I grew up seeing every Christmas morning. They go in order from left to right, with my Dad's stocking first (the big red boot) followed by mom's stocking, then all the kids, in order of birth. Mine is the pretty girl in the blue dress.

We all squabble over who's stocking is the best. Of course, mine is! I love my cute little girl in the blue dress. However, the best part about these stockings, is that my mom made them all. I love her creativity. Super impressed by it.

Just to remind you of my family, I am one of 10 kids (4th oldest). Here is a picture of my siblings and my parents, taken in August 2008, which was the last time all of us were together.

I love my family. They are such great examples to me. They are all super cool too. How else do you think we pulled off tye-dye shirts in this day and age?


purejoy said...

pretty awesome!! my mom made all of our stockings, too. we rotate my parents stockings (since they've both passed) to whoever is hosting that year's christmas. i haven't seen their stockings in years. i live 650 miles away from my family, so i don't get home on the holidays (the joys of being in retail). but my mom made stockings for all of us kids, our spouses, grandchildren, grand-spouses and even a couple of great grandchildren. (and even my nieces and nephews on the hubster's side of the family!)
thanks for the reminder... my mom rocked at stockings. hers were all hand stitched crewel stockings and have so much detail. i love how your mom captured the personalities of her children. a few dancers, i see!

Maynards said...

Those stockings are super cute! I loved the family picture. There are so many of you, it is amazing.

Shavonne said...

Go Tye-Dye fam!

Colleen said...

I love the stockings! What a fabulous family!

kdaygirl said...

Yea for Christmas socks! I love this picture it shows them all so nicely and yea for our family picture, we look so good.