Sunday, January 24, 2010

Fake Arms {and other such musings}

I would absolutely love to sit and hold my baby in my arms ALL.DAY.LONG. However, I cannot. Other things need to happen in my life. For example, I need to eat. I have quite the healthy appetite. This requires the preparation of food. Since I like to cook, and find it quite difficult to just have a sandwich, and I would NEVER have a bowl of cereal, I need use of both my hands in order to make myself (and the ever hungry family) something to quench appetites.

Point number two: I must use the bathroom, shower, blow dry my crazy frizzy hair into blissfully smooth and manageable locks, and do L.A.U.N.D.R.Y. All of these things also require the use of two hands. {On a side note, I think God was truly brilliant in giving us two hands, and tend to think that if two are good, four might be super impressive. Of course, that means I would have to do more, and I am quite satisfied with the workload my two hands accomplish already. So it's probably a good thing that He is smarter than I am, and instead, gave me a husband, with two hands of his own, to work in tandem with mine.}

Enough rambling though. In order to get stuff done, I have devised a clever way to trick the man child into thinking that I have my loving and soft arms wrapped around him. It is called the Boppy, and works like a charm. Kimble loves his fake arms, as you can tell.

This little guy has found his smiles. He coos a lot too, which I find absolutely delightful.
Also, these little baby legs stay cozy and fashionable in these stripey legwarmers, when he wears his open-ended sack jammies. There isn't much that gets better than that, especially since he is now companion to my slight addiction to wearing legwarmers myself.


Queen of Chaos said...

The boppy is a must! My babies took naps in the boppy too. :) Kimble looks so sweet sleep in his fake arms.

Sharon said...

I totally thought that you had bought a pair of arms... like rice arms. they sell them at the baby boutique here in town, they're pretty cool actually. I like the baby legs on him, very manly :)

courtney said...

I really like boppy pillows! There was a friend who made mine for me with Mackenzie. Hey, I would love if you figured out a pattern for that cause I need a new one and would like to make one. Plus, I think they would be great presents for baby showers!

Dan and Katie said...

I love cereal, Kimble's smile and his double chin :)