Friday, January 22, 2010

Getting Arrested on Facebook

So a few days ago one of my cousins had this as his status on Facebook: "Play along: You see me in a police car. What would you think I got arrested for?" I thought it would provide me with a few laughs, so I posted it as my status as well. My friends didn't disappoint. I thoroughly enjoyed the answers. Here they are:

Julie: You were arrested for using your awesome ninja skills inappropriately while cooking...

Sarah: You would be arrested for being too talented!! I think they would want to do some testing. It's not normal for someone to be so perfect!

Jenifer B: protesting.

Valerie: Forking Kim's yard! LOL

Jennifer W: Eating too many potatoes! LOL

Paula: Disturbance of the peace---riots outside your house as people try to get a piece of your peanut butter pie. The officers offer you a speedy release with an unblemished record in exchange for the remaining pieces of pie.

Jennifer J: Neighborhood riot. I've never heard of this pie!!!!! I think the two of us need to sit down and swap recipes. You know I live right behind you. Well, close to behind you. I could jump my fence and be there in 30 seconds.

Regina: Stealing all of Sonic's ice while doing crafts in the car.

J'ana: Being too nice to everyone. But hey, wait...that's not a crime. Let her go at once, I say!

Marcia: Regina nailed it!

Caroline: I have to go with indecent exposure on this one.

Natasha: You are very very nice in a way that should be a crime. Luckily we still live in a free country.

Kadie: Well, if you were with my momma (Jennifer W), I wouldn't be surprised. You guys would probably get arrested for having too much fun. Oh, and Valerie would be there as well.

Tisha: Probably for eating, putting makeup on, talking on the cell phone and yelling at the kids all at the same time.

Love it when I get a good chuckle in. Do you guys facebook?


LollyChops said...

This is my favorite one:

Regina: Stealing all of Sonic's ice while doing crafts in the car.

...but all of these made me LOL!

purejoy said...

hahaha sonic ice.

facebook. yes. the hubster is convinced too too much.

but it's how i hear stuff!

Colleen said...

Cute! Very funny answers, but funny cuz they're true!