Friday, January 8, 2010

My Kids Have Superpowers

This week, the kids 3rd week for Christmas break, there were many a day where rooms were not cleaned, chores were not done, and listening was forgotten. Therefore, many of their rewards were taken away, like the wii, tv, movies, computer, and playing outside. The kids learned to be creative with each other.

On this particular day, the kids were all playing downstairs in the basement together, and I was enjoying a few moments of blissful quiet. Soon, though, their playing brought them upstairs, amid a whirlwind of blankets, scarves, and capes. When I asked what they were playing, Kamy replied "We ran away from our parents and we all have superpowers!"

Quite frankly, I don't know why the "running away from parents" had to do with them having super powers, unless it was a direct hint to their mean mommy "not letting them do anything fun", as Georgie said, but nevertheless, that was the game they were all playing.

So when they were all battling downstairs, I took that picture and asked them what kind of powers they had. Their answers surprised me.

Keaton: "My name is Golden Midnight (NOT silver...but GOLDEN!) and my power is that I can see in the dark with glowing blue eyes. Also, I'm electric!"

Kamy: "You can call me Zelda. I make force fields that blow people back. I can lift 100 pounds and jump 20 feet in the air."

Georgie: "I'm Bird baby. I blow air through my mouth and the bad guys get blown away."

Kolby: "Well, I'm Medinight. I can act like a tornado and I have bat wings. I also have heat vision, and can kill all the bad rangers trying to get us."

There you have it. My kids have super powers. Do yours?


Colleen said...

Aren't those costumes cool?! I love how their creative little minds work! It's so fun listening to the boys playing an imagination game together, describing all the powers they have/action taking place to each other. I ABSOLUTELY remember doing the same when I was a kid! We had a lot of "not listening" going on over break too.

kdaygirl said...

My kids super powers is selective hearing....hmmmmm.

Maynards said...

I love the costumes. Very creative! The super powers were pretty amazing.
When I was a kid, my brothers were the Ninja Turtles and I was April O'Neil. We thought we were so cool.

Vix said...

They are ace! Phoebe's superpower appears to be saving people from near death (we have a bit of a death fixation at the moment, it is very un nerving). Clara is a stealth ninja, she can get what she wants when she wants and you will have no idea how on earth she did it!