Thursday, January 21, 2010

Piano Lessons

Kamy's former primary teacher kindly offered to give Kamy piano lessons. She had her first lesson this past Monday. Kamy couldn't have been more excited. She has been wanting to take lessons for a long time.

She takes pride in going through her primer, and discovering the names of the notes, and whether they are half or whole notes. She quickly gets her school homework done every day so that she has enough time to practice on the piano. I am thrilled for her. Many thanks to her teacher, Sister Draney. You are the best!


purejoy said...

i hope she always has the passion to play and practice. i always wished my parents had purchased a piano instead of a stupid organ.

the only thing nerdier than playing the organ is perhaps playing the accordian.

Vix said...

I wish I had put as much effort into learning as Kamy is, I got to Grade one and binned it. Shame really. I would love a piano now but the house is way too titchy.

Colleen said...

Zach and Ben both go to Sister Draney (Zach started in September, but Ben starts up next week for the first time!). She is great! I am glad Kamy's loving it!