Sunday, February 28, 2010

Breakfast Kick

I've been on a breakfast kick lately. Real breakfast, not cereal. I never eat cereal. I don't drink milk. So I'm limited in the early morning, trying to find something satisfying to eat without making a big breakfast. I usually resort to some oatmeal (the kids call it porridge) or I have leftovers of whatever I made the night before for dinner, or I skip it (I know, terrible). If I'm smart, I'll get some yogurt at the store, but I find the cost of those little containers depressing. I'm cheap.

Anyway, to satisfy my craving for big breakfast-type items, we have it for dinner instead. One great thing about being in the hospital so long with Kimble, is that I got to go down to the cafeteria and get french toast every single day. I loved it. Yumm. So that is the recipe I have to share with you today. Heath, upon hearing me rave about the hospital french toast, found this recipe online, and it's very comparative. If you were like me, and always use to just blended together some eggs and milk for your french toast mixture, I encourage you to try this recipe. You'll be delighted.

French Toast

1/4 cup flour
1 cup milk
3 eggs
1/4 tsp salt
1/2 tsp cinnamon
1 tsp vanilla
1 Tbsp sugar

12 slices of Texas Toast

Blend batter ingredients very well so there are no lumps. Heat up griddle, melt some butter over the surface so the bread won't stick. Dip bread into batter, then cook on griddle for a few minutes each side, until golden brown.

Saturday, February 27, 2010

We Interrupt Your Regularly Scheduled Programming...

To bring you a week of new recipes!  Starting tomorrow, I will post a new recipe a day.  Last week, we had fun trying out some new recipes, and we found some keepers.

On another note, have you ever had the crazy, insane, irrational desire to just be spontaneous, throw some clothes in a bag, jump in your vehicle, and just get out of town.  Anywhere.  Just go. No plans.  No preconceptions.  No ideas.  Just go.

I had that feeling yesterday.  It was overwhelming.  I tried to call the husband at work a few times, and see if he would be on board with my idea once he got home.  However, he was busy at work and not at his desk.  Once he got home, I tried convincing him to join in on my spontaneity, and as much as he was being supportive, it just wouldn't have worked out, namely because he has to teach a lesson in church on Sunday, and I didn't want to be limited in our trip, to be back by 9am Sunday morning.

The husband said just Kimble and I could get away, and while the idea was tempting, I didn't want to do that.  Then I tried to recruit a friend, another overworked mommy who I KNOW needs some time away from it all.  Once again, the timing just didn't work out.  So, I ate some ice cream and went to bed.

Maybe a spontaneous weekend getaway needs to be more planned out, to make it work.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Little Singer

I caught Georgie singing a little song the other day. She likes to sit at the piano and push the button that gives a tempo beat, then she starts pushing the keys and singing a song. Today's song choice was "I Love To See The Temple". It's a favorite song the kids sing in church. (Please ignore the fact that I hadn't done her hair yet.)

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Let's Celebrate Randomness

It seems I'm killing time with this blog post. I've got tons of stuff to do, but absolutely no motivation to do it. Last week, after our carpet installers left, we began putting our house back in order. We moved furniture back in the house and placed them in the appropriate positions. We moved boxes of stuff back in, like books, computer stuff, and other random stuff that belonged in drawers and hutches. It's been over a week and I still have boxes in the middle of my floor. I just have no motivation to put it away. I know it will take less than an hour, but here I sit. Doing nothing.

Actually, that's not true. I've got tons of stuff that I'm juggling. We switched the girl's room to the basement, and brought up the spare bedroom to the girl's old room. With that switch, I've been reorganizing and decluttering and cleaning...but seeming to get more behind everyday.

We also brought all the kid's dressers downstairs to the laundry area, because I was very tired of the clothes mess in their rooms, and the huge process of taking their clean clothes up to their bedrooms. This is my hope that having everyone's clothes in the same place will bring cleanliness to their rooms, and less laundry for me, and more control over keeping everything neat and tidy. We'll see.

So, here are some random things I've been thinking about lately.

1. I hate wearing shoes. I mean, I really and truly cringe everytime I need to put on a shoe. It makes me sad. It makes me feel claustrophobic. It makes my feet feel heavy and burdened. I don't like shoes.

2. I hate bar soap. It's glupy and messy and leaves yuckiness in the shower/bath. I don't like bar soap.

3. I use conditioner to shave my legs.

4. I think I'm turning into a chocoholic. In turn, I think I'm gaining weight after having this baby, instead of losing it. The two are related somehow...

5. We will be changing our home phone number soon. It's really annoying having people call for a doctor's office again and again...and the faxes are the worst because whoever is sending the fax doesn't check to make sure the number is correct. They just keep trying to send a fax again and I'm beyond OVER it. Plus, hardly anyone calls my home number looking for me. I'm done.

6. Watching LOST makes me so happy.

7. I'm terrified of Kimble's next heart surgery. So beyond terrified.

8. My baby brother is getting married in June. He was my baby growing up. I took care of him. We were joined at the hip for many years. I'm very happy for him, in making this big step. Go Ian!

9. I really want to take a day and go sledding up in the mountains. However, I don't want to expose Kimble to the cold air all day, but I can't leave him home either. Looks like no sledding for me.

10. I feel disconnected with so many of my friends. Am I being too reclusive? Am I not being a good friend? Somedays I feel very alone.

11.I never eat cheese raw. If it is in something, like a casserole, or melted over something, like a pizza, I can usually eat it. But if it is uncooked, it will never touch these lips. Gross. I especially hate it when it is shredded and sprinkled throughout a salad. It just ruins it for me. Have you ever tried to de-cheese a salad? It doesn't work too well.

Ok, I'm done. Off to start one of my chores.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Fit To Be Tied!

Aren't Sundays sometimes exhausting? Apparently Mr. Kimble thinks so.

But he sure was cute in his little tie!

I asked The Husband for a tie that he doesn't wear anymore, and then asked him to tie it close to the bottom, with the skinny end showing, instead of the big fat end. I made the neck small, and then cut a few inches from the back of the neck part, sewed in some elastic so it would fit over Kimble's head, cut away the second tie piece that comes down from the knot in back, sewed the back of the knot together, and I was left with a cute little boy tie. For better instructions, you can follow this tutorial.

PS: This is my 800th post!

Monday, February 22, 2010

Sweet Harmony

Meet The Husband.

He whistles along with music on the little cartoons the kids watch, such as Dora and Diego. He harmonizes with those songs, as well as little jingles that are on commercials or theme songs from shows. He sings different songs, as he researches things on the Internet or chops vegetables for dinner. He sometimes sings in the shower, and when he's in a good mood, he whistles as he works....literally.

I can always judge what type of mood he's in, depending on if I hear him being musical or not. I love his singing voice. He has one of those types of voices that is unhurried, smooth, and perfectly on pitch. He is not boastful about his voice. He holds it in reverence. He has a talent that I wish I had, but I'm satisfied with being able to listen to him all the time.

Once Upon A Time...

Sometimes I get the urge to relive some memories from my childhood, or more recent mishaps in my life. Many of these stories I have posted on my blog. I thought I'd share my reminiscing with you. If you are up for a good story...or two or three or fifteen, then click on the links. I think you'll get a good chuckle.

A really stupid night for us.
Free Summer Movie Drama.
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Freaky Spider Webs.
Being The Assistant.
13 year old sock mistake.

The Jacketless Hood.
Journal entries from when I was 10 years old.
How not to ride a bike and a scooter.
A fishy homicide.
Flying like Superman without the gentle landing.
Stalker Mailman.
I got caught riding on the highway.
So I swam with a dead cow. So what?
How The Husband and I got together.
Public Schools can be quite educational, in a perverted way.

Signs of Pregnancy, and Midnight bathroom excursions.
Stupid things I did as a kid.

Hope you enjoyed the read. Let me know which stories you liked.

Friday, February 19, 2010

40 Days of Love

For Valentine's Day this year, I decided to get everyone a book. I just love books. There is something special about giving someone a book. Well, at least I think so. Since I was giving the gifts...books it is.

So for the boys, I found this cool book for them that teaches them things all boys should know. Included, are things like: amazing stories of intrigue and danger, how to tie a perfect knot, the mystery of girls (I chuckled at that one), how to survive in different situations, etc. Turns out, it wasn't a book like I thought, but a book on cd. Three cd's to be exact. It worked out, because the boys (and girls) share this stereo at night, as a privilege if they were good and got everything done during the day. When it's the boys' turn to have the cd player, they now have their very own adventures to listen to when they go to sleep.

As far as the girls go, Kamy likes to read to Georgie before they go to bed. She tries to find short stories that Georgie would be interested in. So, I thought a great big book of fairy tales would be a great gift for them. Kamy was thrilled. Georgie wasn't as happy, at first, because she had some big "Princess" book in mind, but now she's happy. She loves being read to.

For the husband, a book was probably the last thing he expected for Valentine's Day, but this book was special. It's a book couples should read together, and while reading through all the information on how to strengthen each other's love, how to treat each other, and how to grow closer, it also gives you daily challenges for 40 days. Each day, you read with your spouse the challenge, and as you go through the day, it helps you keep "love" first and foremost, as you interact, or even as you are apart, it makes you think about what you could do for your spouse.
For example, the challenge for Day 1 was to not say anything negative to your spouse all day. If you still had negative thoughts, then you couldn't say anything at all. This challenge was repeated for Day 2, as well as having you do something nice for your spouse. The challenges continue every day, and although we are only a few days into it, there is already a noticeable change in the way we communicate with each other. 2 thumbs up already.
If you look in the above picture, the book is against my new quilt for my bed. I love it! So even though Valentine's was only one day, these gifts are the kind that keep on giving, day after day.

3 Dollar Photoshoot

Yesterday, after another of his 'all too often' cardiology appointments (up to 12 lbs 12 oz now!), we stopped by a Walmart that I don't usually go to (simply because it's across town) and went in for a little looksie to see if they had anything different. Besides getting a few things for Kamy's upcoming birthday, I browsed through the little boy section. I found these adorable pajamas for Kimble for only 3 dollars. I scored two pairs, but wish I had gotten more. After a nice bath (he gets so excited when he gets a bath, and his arms and legs move and kick like crazy, he loves it so much) and then he got lotioned up, I dressed him in his new jammies. So cute! (That's a little dimple between his eyes.)

This next one is blurry, but I love it. Kimble's eyes are always SO BIG! He loves to look around at people/things/lamps. Bright lights attract his gaze for a long time.

We've been trying to figure out what color his eyes are. They are just so dark, that we couldn't tell if they were a dark midnight blue, or if they were brown. We are thinking brown now.

I just love this little baby so much; I have to restrain myself from just squeezing him!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Afterschool Snack

Attempting bribery once again, I thought that if I had hot and gooey cookies waiting for the kids when they got home from school yesterday, then it would brighten everyone's spirits, and the "homework hour" wouldn't be such an ordeal.

The Verdict: Uh, there was really no change. Kamy still had tears when we worked on her math (long division), Keaton was still bothered by Georgie, who kept interrupting him when he was trying to read, and Kolby still had fits when asked to write his spelling words 3x's each.

However, our bellies thanked us for the super yummy cookies, as we licked the chocolate off our faces and fingers.

And would ya look at Keaton's fingers? Clean as a whistle. I was super impressed...enough to give everyone seconds. Clean hands=less germs=less sickness for us and Kimble.

Spitup Happens

Such is the life when you are holding a baby on your lap right after you fed him, and his burping leads to spit up, which finds itself landing right between your legs. The unfortunate part about this, is it occurred about 20 seconds before I had to be out the door. What do you do?

Put on your coat, snap a quick picture, and leave the house. Oh well. If people really think I peed my pants, then they obviously have never had the joy of having a baby in their arms...with our without the spit up.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Fabric Makeovers

We just got new carpet installed throughout our house, courtesy of our Landlord. We may have slightly led him to believe that we would move unless he installed new carpet. In our defense, the carpet was 10 years old and looked 50 years old. It was gross and stained and ugly and dirty and I cried the day we moved in, because of the carpet. I have had it professionally cleaned, and I have cleaned it myself. Didn't make any difference.

So with Kimble's two surgeries planned for this year, as well as some other things, we knew that buying a house this year wasn't going to be feasible. So what do we do? We ask the Landlord to change the carpet. Much to our delight (and surprise), he quickly agreed. He likes us after all, and repeatedly tells us we take better care of his house than he did.

Thus, last week we took everything out of our house, minus the kitchen and the basement, and we got new carpet installed. Now, the carpet is great, but it also blends a little too well with our couches. I needed to add some vibrancy and color to our Living Room. On our couches, we have six throw pillows that match the fabric of the couch. I decided to make new pillow covers, so I got a few yards of fabric from the store, measured...cut...and sewed, and viola!! New pillows that changed a drab room, into a colorful room!

Kimble is a big fan of the new pillows.

Turning my attention to the TV room, I saw these two sad little benches. I got them at a yard sale years ago, for 2 bucks. They are originally from IKEA. Anyway...they have seen better days.

I decided they needed new slipcovers, so I went to work. I found a soft corduroy material at the store, that coordinated with the striped material, and together, I think it makes them pretty snazzy. Quite frankly, I surprised myself that they turned out correct. I was sure that with my limited sewing skills, I would have totally screwed them up...alas, they look great and fit perfectly!

I made pockets, as well as a bottom trim. I feel pretty cool.

So if you ever want to lie against my plush couch pillows, or sit your bum on one of my benches, then come on over. Oh, and while you're at it, check out our new carpet as well! I think it might be time for another Girl's Night.

What A Fox!

I don't think anyone has ever said those words in conjunction with me, but those words have been ringing true around these parts. More specifically, in our backyard. We've had the pleasure of seeing a fox scampering around our backyard since last winter. Sometimes he would just use our backyard as an alleyway, to get somewhere else. Sometimes he would play in our backyard, amongst the trees and bushes. One time, last month, we saw him catch a squirrel for his dinner. He has proved entertaining for The Husband and I, as well as the kids.

Then, last week, after a beautiful snowstorm, we saw a streak of orange run across our backyard, and were delightfully surprised to see our fox return, and bring a little friend with him.

Now we have two foxes running around our yard, being playful with each other, and sometimes just hangin' out for a while. Who needs the national geographic channel when you've got this in your backyard?

Monday, February 15, 2010

What Happened?

Kolby came home from school on Friday looking like this. I caught a glimpse of him as he walked by me and I almost freaked out. "Kolby!! What happened! Are you hurt? Did you trip and fall on your way home from school? Did you get kicked in the mouth? Tell me what happened!"

Kolby looked back at me and said "What? Nothing."

Then I looked closer at his face. Apparently, our little sugar boy had a lot of enjoyment eating the frosting on his sugar cookie, leftover from his party at school. His sad expression? There was no more frosting to be had. Such a sad day for a sugar addict. The good news?? We still had Valentine's Day to celebrate with the family. Nothing could be better, according to Kolby.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

"You're Lucky You Married Such A Handsome Guy"

That is what The Husband said to me this morning, as we wished each other a Happy Valentine's Day. I said to him "You just gave me the title of my next blog post!"

The Husband got me a new quilt for our bed (I absolutely LOVE new blankets...especially quilts) and I got him something, which hasn't come in the mail yet. I'll post about it when it arrives. I also got something for the kids...which didn't come yet either.

Tonight, the kids and I are making a little valentine treat for ourselves...these Frozen Peanut Butter Cups. Yummy!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Looks Like My Valentine Came Early!

In an effort to trick Kolby into doing something educational, I asked him to draw and write something on a piece of paper. "You mean, like a letter?" he asked. Excitedly, he got an envelope, some paper, and his crayons. He came back in a few minutes, told me to close my eyes, and presented me with my Valentine.

If you look closely, I am wearing a dress with flowers on it, and he has a bowtie on. I love that he wrote "i luv you". Thanks Kolby!! You made my day.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Deep Sleep

Ahhh. If only we all could be so comfy in such an awkward position.

Sleep on baby... Sleep on.


Last night's Family Home Evening lesson was on Awareness. We have been having lots of lessons lately, on making sure they are safe, making sure they know about predators and the tricks they use on kids, and teaching the kids that they can ALWAYS talk to us about anything, and if an adult says to keep something secret from their parents, then it is especially important to tell us about it.

Anyway, last night's phase of this ongoing lesson was about being aware. We played a little "I Spy" game by asking the kids what they notice about the living room...what they smell....what they feel or hear...and what they see. Then we talked with them about different situations, and how they can be aware of what is happening around them, and above all, how this will keep them safe.

Then we made sure everyone knew our phone number and street address. I have felt bad for a long time, because my kids didn't know that information. It was about time they knew. So we sang the phone number to the tune of Jingle Bells, and then we showed them the house number on the front of our house, talked about street names, and by the end of the evening, they knew the information necessary to help them find us, if they are lost, or otherwise need to contact us.

We feel it was a great evening of important information for the kids, on how they can be aware.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Frost Yourself

"Frost Yourself"
"...excuse me?"
"Frost Yourself. The slogan for the campaign."
" frost a cake."
"I'm talking about diamonds. They're in, 'whoa, would you check out her frosting'."
"Frost yourself. How'd you come up with that?"
"I got it off the woman who's falling madly in love with me."

(Deep sigh) I love that movie. How To Lose A Guy In 10 Days. It makes me laugh. It makes me smile. It makes me glad to be in love. However, it does not encourage me to like frosting...(the whipped kind...not the diamond kind).

I've never been a huge fan of frosting. For that matter, I'm not really partial to cake. Maybe it's the whole "sweet" thing that is the problem. Now don't get me wrong. I'll take chocolate and peanut butter any day...but as far as cakes go, well, let's just say I'd probably choose a big bowl of mashed potatoes over a slice of cake. Go figure.

So with that history, you might be surprised that I found a frosting that I absolutely LOVE. I found the recipe in a magazine, with the directions intending it to be used on top of a four-layer pumpkin cake. I'm sure that would have been good, but at the time, I was already making my Pumpkin Roll, so I decided to just use the frosting for that.

As much as I love the Pumpkin Roll using the original recipe, when combined with this frosting, it knocks my socks off. You should try it.

Orange Cream Cheese Frosting

2 sticks butter, room temperature
2 pkg cream cheese, room temperature
1 tsp vanilla
1-2 TBSP orange zest
2 cups powdered sugar
Chopped walnuts or pecans, toasted

Using a beater, or your kitchen aid mixer, beat butter and cream cheese until smooth. Add vanilla and orange zest. Beat until smooth. Add in powdered sugar and beat on LOW until smooth. You can mix in your walnuts (or pecans) or you can sprinkle them on top of a frosted cake.
And just for added pleasure, if you think that frosting is sweet, take a look at these two sweet kids.

Saturday, February 6, 2010

I Sewed Again

I made this cute little hat for Georgie. I think I want to make one for everyone in the family. How'd that be for a fun family picture? The pattern I followed is called the Jack & Jill hat, which includes a pattern for a boy hat (as well as girl), and the sizes are from newborn to adult. How fun is that? I'm not quite sure I could pull of this hat style, but Georgie sure can.

I actually don't think I made the hat correctly, but it still looks quite adorable on this little 4 year old.
Plus, now she matches her baby Lacee Doll.
What do you think?

Friday, February 5, 2010

EveryDay Around Here

I thought I'd show you some random photos from one day this week. Sometimes it's the little things that I want to remember, like this next photo. Georgie wanted to play outside with the big kids when they got home from school. I was feeding baby, so didn't really pay attention too much, until I saw her come back inside. This was what she was wearing.
Tights that are too small...mismatching dress shoes....a summer shirt...and her brother's hoodie. Not to mention that her hair is a mess. Quite the mother of the year I am, huh.

Another picture I love: Milky smiles.
Keaton made a birdhouse in cubscouts this week, and couldn't wait to come home from school the next day to paint it. I love how he let Kolby help paint it too. Kolby was thrilled. We have a bird that comes back every spring, and builds a huge nest outside our kitchen window. We plan to hang the birdhouse there, and have lots of yummy seeds for the birdie to eat.

The kids read books for 30 minutes everyday. On this day, I asked Kamy to hold baby so I could start preparing dinner.
She's such a good big sister, that he soon fell asleep, cozy as he was in her arms.
Keaton came home with a reader award, which he proudly wore the rest of the night, and then placed on his bedroom shelf for safekeeping.
Kolby wore nice brown pants to school in the morning, and when he came home, this is what they looked like.
"I don't know how it happened mom!" My kids are so hard on their jeans!! Even Kamy has holes in her knees all the time. I spend a small fortune on jeans for these kids.

I have an old white dry erase board that the kids all love to color on. Here is Georgie, doing her "homework" on the whiteboard, as the other kids worked at the table on their schoolwork.
Dinner ready to be served. Shepherd's Pie. MMMMmmm. (see sidebar for link to recipe)

Then Daddy came home from work, and as he was eating, had a little bit of baby-love on the side.

Then we had bathtime...which I didn't get pictures of.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

The Big 3! {months...that is}

Yes, today Mr. Kimble is 3 months old. He is gaining weight and has lots of cute rolls to show for it. He still loves his binkie, but I think he's starting to love me even more. He recognizes me now, and calms down just at the sight of me. That thrills me. Oh, and we seem to be sporting the same double chin, based on the next picture.

Whenever we go anywhere, he gets strapped into his carseat and gets his cute little knit hat put on him, which falls past his eyes and rests across his nose. So cute. Some babies hate their carseats. Kimble loves his. He sleeps and sleeps. The other day, I went out with some girlfriends, and he slept the entire 4 hours in his carseat. I think that was the longest stretch of sleep he's ever had!
He still loves his baths. In this next picture, you can see his scar from his heart surgeries.

Sometimes he's just so roley-poley when he's sleeping. I just wanna squeeze him!

And of course, those cheeks carry quite a bit of weight for such a tiny little face.

To celebrate his birthday, we will run errands to the copy store today, then come back and finish cleaning the basement, and I just might have an ice cream sundae to mark the occasion. Happy sweet 3 months my baby!

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Car Seat Canopy Tutorial

Alright, if you want to make a slightly wrinkled car seat canopy, like mine, then just follow along with these instructions. I'm guessing you have a basic idea of how to sew, but even with that, it's a pretty simple pattern to follow. Here is what you will need:

1 1/4 yard fabric for the outside
1 1/4 yard coordinating fabric for the inside
2 inches sew-on velcro
2 big decorative buttons
matching thread (scissors, needle, sewing machine, iron)

(When you buy your fabric, make sure both selections are the same width.) Alright. Cut each piece of fabric 1 yard long. (I fold it lengthwise so it's not so wide and unmanageable when I cut it.)

Now you should have two pieces of fabric that are each 1 yard long. Put right sides together and pin all the way around, smoothing out any wrinkles or folds. Get a dinner plate and place on each corner, tracing with a circle, to round out the edges. Cut on line.

With your remaining fabric, cut out two pieces (2 1/2 x8) from each piece of fabric. Put coordinating fabrics together, right sides together, and pin in place.

Sew a straight stitch around your large fabric and each of your strips, using 1/2 inch seam allowance. Make sure to leave an opening for you to turn your fabric right side out. After you get your fabric turned out, iron along the edges, making it look nice and pressed. Do this with both your large piece of fabric, as well as your two strips. When you iron along the opening, fold in the edges and press. Secure with pins.

Now, using a more decorative stitch on your sewing machine, using a 1/4 inch seam, sew completely around the entire edges. Do the same with your two strips. This makes it look pretty, but also closes up the opening.
Lay out your material on a flat surface and fold each edge in towards the center, making the two side edges meet in the middle, basically dividing your canopy into thirds. See picture.

Pin your material so that it stays this way, then iron the folds really well, so that it leaves a nice press in your fabric.

Remove the pins, open the folds, and look for your press marks. Sew down the press marks with the same decorative stitch you used along the edges. These two lines will not only add some decorative flare to your canopy, but they also serve to keep your two layers of material together.
Once again, lay out your material on a flat surface. Lay your strips down, matching fabric patterns together, like in my case, both stripes are together, exactly in the middle of the canopy.
You can see it better in this next picture. Right where my ruler is, is the original crease from the fabric, when it was folded half on the bolt. That is still your midline. Make sure your two strips are centered on that midline, and 3 inches inside of each decorative stitch running the length of the canopy. Pin in place.

Make two stitches across the width of your strips, on either side of your midline.
Take your canopy over to your carseat, and pin the straps to your handle, marking where your velcro should go. Then, go sew on your velcro using your sewing machine. Using a needle and thread, sew on a decorative button to the top of each strap.
You are done.

Iron out your canopy, even though I didn't. It'll look better. There you have it. Now that you have the basic idea, you can definitely increase the cute factor, by adding trim or edging the bottom with a coordinating fabric band going around it, or adding flowers instead of buttons, or quilting it, or using bias tape....etc. Go for it.
Hope this helps you. If the instructions don't make sense, blame it on my post-baby brain. Email me if you need clarifications.

Edited to add:  I made this cute canopy for a friend's baby girl, and I love it with the Ric Rac.  Give it a try!  (If you want to do ric rac, you'll need 5 yards of it)  Oh, and I also added snaps instead of velcro.  Feel free to do whatever your imagination creates.
I love the orange polkadot material on the inside.

This is one of my most popular blog posts.  A lot of you out there come across my blog through searching for car seat canopy tutorials.  If you make one, please leave a comment with a link and I'll come admire it!