Friday, February 19, 2010

40 Days of Love

For Valentine's Day this year, I decided to get everyone a book. I just love books. There is something special about giving someone a book. Well, at least I think so. Since I was giving the gifts...books it is.

So for the boys, I found this cool book for them that teaches them things all boys should know. Included, are things like: amazing stories of intrigue and danger, how to tie a perfect knot, the mystery of girls (I chuckled at that one), how to survive in different situations, etc. Turns out, it wasn't a book like I thought, but a book on cd. Three cd's to be exact. It worked out, because the boys (and girls) share this stereo at night, as a privilege if they were good and got everything done during the day. When it's the boys' turn to have the cd player, they now have their very own adventures to listen to when they go to sleep.

As far as the girls go, Kamy likes to read to Georgie before they go to bed. She tries to find short stories that Georgie would be interested in. So, I thought a great big book of fairy tales would be a great gift for them. Kamy was thrilled. Georgie wasn't as happy, at first, because she had some big "Princess" book in mind, but now she's happy. She loves being read to.

For the husband, a book was probably the last thing he expected for Valentine's Day, but this book was special. It's a book couples should read together, and while reading through all the information on how to strengthen each other's love, how to treat each other, and how to grow closer, it also gives you daily challenges for 40 days. Each day, you read with your spouse the challenge, and as you go through the day, it helps you keep "love" first and foremost, as you interact, or even as you are apart, it makes you think about what you could do for your spouse.
For example, the challenge for Day 1 was to not say anything negative to your spouse all day. If you still had negative thoughts, then you couldn't say anything at all. This challenge was repeated for Day 2, as well as having you do something nice for your spouse. The challenges continue every day, and although we are only a few days into it, there is already a noticeable change in the way we communicate with each other. 2 thumbs up already.
If you look in the above picture, the book is against my new quilt for my bed. I love it! So even though Valentine's was only one day, these gifts are the kind that keep on giving, day after day.


runningfan said...

I'm glad to have such great book recommendations! Cute quilt, too. I'm in the market for new bedding in my room...hope to do some shopping today!

Maynards said...

Awesome Book! I might just have to go get it.

Tonya said...

We love the Dangerous book for boys! My dad got it for my son for Christmas one year, he still frequently reads it.

The Love Dare sounds awesome, I'll have to check that one out! Thanks for the recommendation!

Queen of Chaos said...

The movie Fireproof is great and I would love to get the companion book "Love Dare" too. Enjoy it!

And I love books too!

Colleen said...

We have that boy's book (actual book version, not CD) and Ben in particular LOVES it! The marriage book sounds interesting too!