Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Afterschool Snack

Attempting bribery once again, I thought that if I had hot and gooey cookies waiting for the kids when they got home from school yesterday, then it would brighten everyone's spirits, and the "homework hour" wouldn't be such an ordeal.

The Verdict: Uh, there was really no change. Kamy still had tears when we worked on her math (long division), Keaton was still bothered by Georgie, who kept interrupting him when he was trying to read, and Kolby still had fits when asked to write his spelling words 3x's each.

However, our bellies thanked us for the super yummy cookies, as we licked the chocolate off our faces and fingers.

And would ya look at Keaton's fingers? Clean as a whistle. I was super impressed...enough to give everyone seconds. Clean hands=less germs=less sickness for us and Kimble.


Maynards said...

Glad the tummies were happy. You are such a great mom.

purejoy said...

i would even do laundry AND clean the toilet for warm homemade cookies!!
the homework will get better.
y'know, maybe you could time how long it takes to do homework A) without whining and B) with the whining. when you compare, you could ask him what he would do with x amount of extra time. then show him how he'd have more time to read, or play or whatever if he did his homework without fussing. and throw in a little bonus.
just offering up any ideas that might help! you're such a great mom.

David and Jackie said...


Holmes Home said...

I have come to believe that long division must have been invented to traumatize kids...Chance STILL has a meltdown when long division is involved in a problem and he's in 6th grade! I'll have to try that bribe one day too :)

Blank said...

Kamy still had tears when we worked on her math (long division)

I remember that the main problem I had when doing long division was that the process was very long and you only knew if you were correct at the end.

But it seems that nowadays there are partially completed long division worksheets :)