Tuesday, February 9, 2010


Last night's Family Home Evening lesson was on Awareness. We have been having lots of lessons lately, on making sure they are safe, making sure they know about predators and the tricks they use on kids, and teaching the kids that they can ALWAYS talk to us about anything, and if an adult says to keep something secret from their parents, then it is especially important to tell us about it.

Anyway, last night's phase of this ongoing lesson was about being aware. We played a little "I Spy" game by asking the kids what they notice about the living room...what they smell....what they feel or hear...and what they see. Then we talked with them about different situations, and how they can be aware of what is happening around them, and above all, how this will keep them safe.

Then we made sure everyone knew our phone number and street address. I have felt bad for a long time, because my kids didn't know that information. It was about time they knew. So we sang the phone number to the tune of Jingle Bells, and then we showed them the house number on the front of our house, talked about street names, and by the end of the evening, they knew the information necessary to help them find us, if they are lost, or otherwise need to contact us.

We feel it was a great evening of important information for the kids, on how they can be aware.


Colleen said...

I like that idea a lot! Especially the game. Thanks for sharing, we're always looking for good FHE ideas!

Heidi said...

This is great stuff. It's so important to do this with our kids. I sometimes ask my boys questions out of the blue like "If you were walking home from school and a WOMEN came up in a panic and asked you to help her find her lost puppy.. what would you do?" Or someone asks for your help to lift something heavy in their backyard and they'll pay you $50.. that's alot of money huh.. but NO.. it's a TRICK.. they don't need a kid to lift something heavy.

I could go on and on with my scenarios.. bad people are so shady.

purejoy said...

just out of curiosity? what is a family home evening? i assume since you capitalized it, it must be something more than all of you just happening to show up in the same house at the same time (so novel at this house, that if it happened, it would be in ALL capitals! and this from a mom who does not like to take the time to use them at all!!)
i remember teaching our kids our address song. they still remember it many, many years (and addresses) later!
loved the i spy idea.
hate that we have to teach our kids these things, but being observant is a great life skill not always attached to a negative event!

Maynards said...

Great idea! We have to have FHE later in the week because of Ben's MBA classes. I think we may just copy you. Better to be safe then sorry.

runningfan said...

That is a great idea.