Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Spitup Happens

Such is the life when you are holding a baby on your lap right after you fed him, and his burping leads to spit up, which finds itself landing right between your legs. The unfortunate part about this, is it occurred about 20 seconds before I had to be out the door. What do you do?

Put on your coat, snap a quick picture, and leave the house. Oh well. If people really think I peed my pants, then they obviously have never had the joy of having a baby in their arms...with our without the spit up.


Alissa Maxwell said...

Hey Shaina, I may need to steal this picture becuase it's what my jeans look like on most afternoons - our babies are the same age. I agree, I only change when it FEELS like I wet my pants (ew!). Spit-up dries and jeans hide everything, right?

runningfan said...

You're brave! I would have changed!

Mary Kay said...

Hi Shaina -
Had to chuckle yesterday as I sat in the back seat of the car outside the doctor's office feeding Gulliver before our appointment. Sure enough, big ol' spit up all over my jeans and down to the car floormats! I just laughed because it was deja vu after reading your blog post the day or two before. At least Gulliver stayed dry so I didn't have to worry about putting him in new digs!

Thanks, as always, for sharing your daily highlights for all of us to enjoy! :)

Jennifer Magreevy said...

Try a constipated toddler, who, when you pick him up to try and get him in a comfy position the job...suddenly pushes so hard he vomits all over you. And in your sitting position, and goes directly down your shirt onto your stomach, but mostly congregating right between the girls in your bra. And you can't do anything about your stinky self because your child is mid-poo and in constipation pain. :) Ahhh, what a great story. Glad to get that one off my chest. :)

sanjeet said...

I didn't have to worry about putting him in new digs!

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