Friday, February 5, 2010

EveryDay Around Here

I thought I'd show you some random photos from one day this week. Sometimes it's the little things that I want to remember, like this next photo. Georgie wanted to play outside with the big kids when they got home from school. I was feeding baby, so didn't really pay attention too much, until I saw her come back inside. This was what she was wearing.
Tights that are too small...mismatching dress shoes....a summer shirt...and her brother's hoodie. Not to mention that her hair is a mess. Quite the mother of the year I am, huh.

Another picture I love: Milky smiles.
Keaton made a birdhouse in cubscouts this week, and couldn't wait to come home from school the next day to paint it. I love how he let Kolby help paint it too. Kolby was thrilled. We have a bird that comes back every spring, and builds a huge nest outside our kitchen window. We plan to hang the birdhouse there, and have lots of yummy seeds for the birdie to eat.

The kids read books for 30 minutes everyday. On this day, I asked Kamy to hold baby so I could start preparing dinner.
She's such a good big sister, that he soon fell asleep, cozy as he was in her arms.
Keaton came home with a reader award, which he proudly wore the rest of the night, and then placed on his bedroom shelf for safekeeping.
Kolby wore nice brown pants to school in the morning, and when he came home, this is what they looked like.
"I don't know how it happened mom!" My kids are so hard on their jeans!! Even Kamy has holes in her knees all the time. I spend a small fortune on jeans for these kids.

I have an old white dry erase board that the kids all love to color on. Here is Georgie, doing her "homework" on the whiteboard, as the other kids worked at the table on their schoolwork.
Dinner ready to be served. Shepherd's Pie. MMMMmmm. (see sidebar for link to recipe)

Then Daddy came home from work, and as he was eating, had a little bit of baby-love on the side.

Then we had bathtime...which I didn't get pictures of.


runningfan said...

I love the little snippets of the day. I have been thinking about doing "a day in photos" for a I'm convinced!

Dan and Katie said...

I love love love Georgie's outfit!

Megan said...

You are a fabulous mom. Occasionally you have to make us feel better but showing us things like Georgie's outfit!! My kids have rediscovered our white board and I'm loving it because I have less "precious" papers to deal with after a day of coloring!

Jed and Kera said...

Thanks for letting us spend a day at your home through pictures! :O) Everyone is precious!

purejoy said...

mmmm what a delicious day!!

and in my book, you get mother of the year!! i think georgie is such a creative free spirit (is that because she's a lefty??)
love the fam. thanks for inviting me in.

melissa said...

I'll let you in on a little secret. If you buy your kids pants at Sear's, the store brand, they will replace for free any pair of pants that is worn out before they grow out of them. You can walk in with your ripped pair and exchange them for the exact same size FOR FREE! It is part of the free Kidvantage program. I have two boys and didn't buy new pants for #2 until he was about 10. We even handed jeans down to the cousins.
I believe they will replace other brands also, but the store brand is the only one that you don't need the receipt to exchange.
Good luck!