Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Fabric Makeovers

We just got new carpet installed throughout our house, courtesy of our Landlord. We may have slightly led him to believe that we would move unless he installed new carpet. In our defense, the carpet was 10 years old and looked 50 years old. It was gross and stained and ugly and dirty and I cried the day we moved in, because of the carpet. I have had it professionally cleaned, and I have cleaned it myself. Didn't make any difference.

So with Kimble's two surgeries planned for this year, as well as some other things, we knew that buying a house this year wasn't going to be feasible. So what do we do? We ask the Landlord to change the carpet. Much to our delight (and surprise), he quickly agreed. He likes us after all, and repeatedly tells us we take better care of his house than he did.

Thus, last week we took everything out of our house, minus the kitchen and the basement, and we got new carpet installed. Now, the carpet is great, but it also blends a little too well with our couches. I needed to add some vibrancy and color to our Living Room. On our couches, we have six throw pillows that match the fabric of the couch. I decided to make new pillow covers, so I got a few yards of fabric from the store, measured...cut...and sewed, and viola!! New pillows that changed a drab room, into a colorful room!

Kimble is a big fan of the new pillows.

Turning my attention to the TV room, I saw these two sad little benches. I got them at a yard sale years ago, for 2 bucks. They are originally from IKEA. Anyway...they have seen better days.

I decided they needed new slipcovers, so I went to work. I found a soft corduroy material at the store, that coordinated with the striped material, and together, I think it makes them pretty snazzy. Quite frankly, I surprised myself that they turned out correct. I was sure that with my limited sewing skills, I would have totally screwed them up...alas, they look great and fit perfectly!

I made pockets, as well as a bottom trim. I feel pretty cool.

So if you ever want to lie against my plush couch pillows, or sit your bum on one of my benches, then come on over. Oh, and while you're at it, check out our new carpet as well! I think it might be time for another Girl's Night.


Megan said...

Again - I'm so impressed with your craftiness. I decided to finally break out my sewing machine to fix some pants yesterday and I can't find it. Thought maybe I lent it to a friend and she says Nope. Guess I have to put off my sewing projects even longer until I can figure out where in the move my sewing machine ended up.

Sharon said...

Awesome!! you're a wonder woman!

Heidi said...

I've been wanting to do the same thing to my pillows in my living room. They turned out great. I just might have to get that done after seeing yours.

And I just want to squeeze those cheeks on baby Kimble. He's so darn adorable!!

runningfan said...

You rock! A girls night sounds awesome.

Adri said...

So great! And, yes, it is definitely time to break in the new "look" with a girls night party!

Queen of Chaos said...

BEAUTIFUL job! I love the colors and fabric choices you picked. I probably would have picked the same thing. ;) And congrats on the new carpet! I LOVE new carpet.

I'm very impressed with your sewing skills! I can do basic curtains, basic pillows, basic blankets and burp clothes but that's about it.

Jeff and Lori said...

Limited sewing skills...hah! Way to go! They both turned out awesome. And girls night is a pretty great idea as well :)

purejoy said...

such great solutions for a drabish room. love the fabric and you rock the sewing skills, sistah!! kimble looks so cute on the pillows.
love, love, LOVE the slipcovers. you are amazing!!

Carol said...

Ok, so your sewing projects are awesome - but I can't get over Kimble's chubby little cheeks!! SO SWEET!!

Maynards said...

I may be asking for your help. Mary is getting a new comforter, and I can't find any pillows to match it. I am too scared to try to make some myself.

I am so jealous of your new carpet! Ours looks HORRIBLE! What did you say to your landlord, we might just have to try that as well.

And I agree with everyone else...it is past time for another girls night. Let's do it!

Jenny said...

I think your Kimble is the cutest thing. Great job on your projects.