Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Let's Celebrate Randomness

It seems I'm killing time with this blog post. I've got tons of stuff to do, but absolutely no motivation to do it. Last week, after our carpet installers left, we began putting our house back in order. We moved furniture back in the house and placed them in the appropriate positions. We moved boxes of stuff back in, like books, computer stuff, and other random stuff that belonged in drawers and hutches. It's been over a week and I still have boxes in the middle of my floor. I just have no motivation to put it away. I know it will take less than an hour, but here I sit. Doing nothing.

Actually, that's not true. I've got tons of stuff that I'm juggling. We switched the girl's room to the basement, and brought up the spare bedroom to the girl's old room. With that switch, I've been reorganizing and decluttering and cleaning...but seeming to get more behind everyday.

We also brought all the kid's dressers downstairs to the laundry area, because I was very tired of the clothes mess in their rooms, and the huge process of taking their clean clothes up to their bedrooms. This is my hope that having everyone's clothes in the same place will bring cleanliness to their rooms, and less laundry for me, and more control over keeping everything neat and tidy. We'll see.

So, here are some random things I've been thinking about lately.

1. I hate wearing shoes. I mean, I really and truly cringe everytime I need to put on a shoe. It makes me sad. It makes me feel claustrophobic. It makes my feet feel heavy and burdened. I don't like shoes.

2. I hate bar soap. It's glupy and messy and leaves yuckiness in the shower/bath. I don't like bar soap.

3. I use conditioner to shave my legs.

4. I think I'm turning into a chocoholic. In turn, I think I'm gaining weight after having this baby, instead of losing it. The two are related somehow...

5. We will be changing our home phone number soon. It's really annoying having people call for a doctor's office again and again...and the faxes are the worst because whoever is sending the fax doesn't check to make sure the number is correct. They just keep trying to send a fax again and I'm beyond OVER it. Plus, hardly anyone calls my home number looking for me. I'm done.

6. Watching LOST makes me so happy.

7. I'm terrified of Kimble's next heart surgery. So beyond terrified.

8. My baby brother is getting married in June. He was my baby growing up. I took care of him. We were joined at the hip for many years. I'm very happy for him, in making this big step. Go Ian!

9. I really want to take a day and go sledding up in the mountains. However, I don't want to expose Kimble to the cold air all day, but I can't leave him home either. Looks like no sledding for me.

10. I feel disconnected with so many of my friends. Am I being too reclusive? Am I not being a good friend? Somedays I feel very alone.

11.I never eat cheese raw. If it is in something, like a casserole, or melted over something, like a pizza, I can usually eat it. But if it is uncooked, it will never touch these lips. Gross. I especially hate it when it is shredded and sprinkled throughout a salad. It just ruins it for me. Have you ever tried to de-cheese a salad? It doesn't work too well.

Ok, I'm done. Off to start one of my chores.


kdaygirl said...

I dont like melted cheese...Gross. It puddles and gets all greasy.

Shaving with baby oil makes your legs so soft and it gets really close (thanks for the tip bex).

Lost makes me think of you and if you are whatching too. Except for lately since YW is on Tues. :(

Mama Mia was pure torture, I fast forwared over half of the movie. Does this mean we are no longer Bff"S?

Jen Sue Wild said...

I like random days..
I still haven't unpacked from my trip I think I bought to many goodies.

I wish we lived close so I could come over and hold Kimble while you did your chores and we just talked about randomness.

I miss Georgie's kisses.
I miss William and I miss my life before I left California.

I guess I should go exercises.

purejoy said...

kindred spirit!! on so many. ick on bar soap. and my feet HATE being in prison. counting the days till i can wear my chacos!!

don't fear kimble's surgery. he's in God's protective grip. and many of us are praying for him.
hope you don't mind me asking, but will he be getting his little lip fixed then, too?

he is adorable and i'm so glad you have him, even if he does keep you from sledding. more cuddle time!

Tonya said...

Watching Lost makes me very happy too! (-:

Sara said...

I too hate bar soap, use conditioner to shave, watching LOST makes me very happy and refuse to eat cheese raw. See, we're soulmates!

You are a wonderful friend who has SO much on her plate. I love you dear Shaina. I wish I lived closer so that we could tackle things together. You have to handle more than most people and you do it with such grace. You are an inspiration to me :)

Sara said...

And try to find a way to go sledding, even if it's just by yourself. It'll be good for your soul.

runningfan said...

You're so fun. I love your posts.

Sorry you're feeling lonely...we should get together! I've been in a social isolation booth for a year. It's quite a bummer! I think you're a great friend to many. Life just gets in the way of frequent interaction, I think!

Nicki said...

I loved reading this list--I miss you!!! This blog is a good place to come and read and feel like I've caught a glimpse of what you are up too. What a great idea about the dressers!! Seriously why do I lug dirty clothes down just to turn around and lug them all back up. . . You are a smartie!

I just wanted to let you know that Kimble is in our every prayer. Caleb just asked today if our prayers are helping--Kimble's so DANG CUTE!!! We love you.

Colleen said...

I am sitting here avoiding cleaning the house too. My heart goes out to you with Kimble's next surgery. I wish I could give some comfort! And I am reclusive too. Too bad we aren't next door neighbors to be reclusive together, because a walk next door is about all I am good for these days! Definitely change the phone number.

Trinette McCrary said...

Love your post. Great way to get to know you. I can't even imagine how scared you are for Kimble's surgery. I hope you can find peace to felp comfort you. I love raw cheese and melted cheese and, actually any form of cheese!

Ande said...

Oh sweetie, I know what you mean when you say that you feel alone. Just remember that we all think of you a ton!!! I wish we lived closer. I miss random shopping trips, picking out tons of clothes at Ross, everyone trying on different stuff. I miss the awesome games that you came up with for gno's and couples games nights. here is a HUG all the way from Japan!!!!! Hope you have a great day!!! Love ya!!!

Queen of Chaos said...

EVERYONE'S clothes in the SAME place! Genius! I'm so gonna do that when we move. :) Thanks. {Let's hope all the kids dressers will fit in or near the new laundry room.}

In our current laundry room we have all the kids hang-up clothes {mostly church clothes} and I like that much better. My kids, or other kids who came to play, would end up pulling them off the racks in there closets. WHY? I don't understand it. Problem solved when we moved them to the laundry room.

ezeldabeth said...

hi! i am visiting from lollychops... kimble is such a sweetie (you have a lovely family)...i thought i would leave a randomness comment...

i LOVE the idea of dressers in the basement...i am seriously considering that

i HATE bar soap too...haven't used it since i moved out of my parents home over 10 years ago..

i can't imagine what it is like to have heart surgery on your baby - my boys have heart conditions and when we discovered our first's, in the beginning there was mention of transplant - praise the lord, he has never even needed surgery - but i remember when my daughter went for 5 min ear tube surgery how nerve racking it was :(

i've been thinking about sledding too, but someone needs to stay home with our youngest...i hate missing the fun :(

i don't feel the same about cheese, but i have tried to de-onion, tomato or garbonzo bean a salad...similarly difficult

hope you didnt mind my randomness :)

i will be praying for your son.