Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Looks Like My Valentine Came Early!

In an effort to trick Kolby into doing something educational, I asked him to draw and write something on a piece of paper. "You mean, like a letter?" he asked. Excitedly, he got an envelope, some paper, and his crayons. He came back in a few minutes, told me to close my eyes, and presented me with my Valentine.

If you look closely, I am wearing a dress with flowers on it, and he has a bowtie on. I love that he wrote "i luv you". Thanks Kolby!! You made my day.


purejoy said...

awwwww. (tears welling up) how adorable is that?? he's gonna be a little heartbreaker!! (but a heartbreaker in a good way)

Maynards said...

That is really special. I must say, I love his drawings in sunday school class as well. He puts thought into them and takes his time explaining what they are. He is a cutie.

Nicki said...

What a sweet Valentine! How are these kids growing up so fast? I also just got caught up and have to comment on Georgie's outfit when she went out to play. So cute.

Shavonne said...

That's cute!! Love the flowers he gave you on your dress :)

Sam said...

Hello, visiting from LollyChops!

That is a super cute valentine's! What a special gift. Isn't it funny that they don't realise how they melt our hearts :-)

Best wishes to you all.