Monday, February 1, 2010

Sorry, No Time For A Post

I'm too busy...
-wondering how exactly I'm able to function on hardly any sleep at all because my baby loves to eat all night long.
-listening to Kimble adorable his sweet voice.
-trying to find new ways to bribe Kolby into LOVING school.
-unhappily ignoring the lovely diaper bag pattern that my friend dropped in my purse on Sunday.
-daydreaming about the brand new season of LOST that starts up tomorrow night.
-looking forward to the apple oat walnut pancakes we are having for dinner.
-wishing I could eat those chicken enchiladas because they are so.dang.good.
-feeling sore from the workouts I'm doing every morning, but happy about it.
-organizing the house and getting ready for new carpet!
-moving the girls to the basement to sleep.
-loving that the sun was shining today!
-smelling Kimble's sweet skin.
-faxing documentation to the husband's work to verify that Kimble is indeed a dependent, and yes...all those medical bills are valid.
-watching a really stupid movie that wasted my time.
-trying not to eat all the cookies that we made last night.
-enjoying connecting with friends through emails, facebook, and phone calls.
-longing for a book to get lost in.
-poking Kimble's big budda belly.
-looking at a new month and wondering what it will bring.
-welcoming the kids home and focusing on enjoying them...not hounding them.

That's what I'm doing today...instead of a blog post.


runningfan said...

I'm glad you posted anyway!

purejoy said...

i dunno… that was a pretty dang good blog post!! you're a busy girl!

Colleen said...