Tuesday, February 16, 2010

What A Fox!

I don't think anyone has ever said those words in conjunction with me, but those words have been ringing true around these parts. More specifically, in our backyard. We've had the pleasure of seeing a fox scampering around our backyard since last winter. Sometimes he would just use our backyard as an alleyway, to get somewhere else. Sometimes he would play in our backyard, amongst the trees and bushes. One time, last month, we saw him catch a squirrel for his dinner. He has proved entertaining for The Husband and I, as well as the kids.

Then, last week, after a beautiful snowstorm, we saw a streak of orange run across our backyard, and were delightfully surprised to see our fox return, and bring a little friend with him.

Now we have two foxes running around our yard, being playful with each other, and sometimes just hangin' out for a while. Who needs the national geographic channel when you've got this in your backyard?


Megan said...

That's so cool! That would keep me entertained too. I love our new backyard and the wild life that we see here but I would be happy to add foxes to that although I'm not sure our dog would allow them in :)

edyB said...

Don't you love nature! The foxes are enjoying all that beautiful snow!

Hope you get lot of comments from Lolly's Blog.

Sharon said...

I think that's awesome! I love the color of their fur

Adri said...

We have a fox that has spent a sunny afternoon or two in our back yard, too. Although our yard isn't has woodsy as yours. They are pretty little things, huh?

Jennifer Magreevy said...

When I lived in Colorado Springs, a fox regularly made his home UNDER my front deck. Unfortunately, as I would go outside with my dog, my dog would smell the fox, tear off under the deck trying to get to the fox, and the poor fox would run off scared. I also had the "fortune" of watching a BLACK BEAR roam around looking for food. And I lived in a residential area, near the World Arena! Not like we were up in the mountains!!