Monday, February 15, 2010

What Happened?

Kolby came home from school on Friday looking like this. I caught a glimpse of him as he walked by me and I almost freaked out. "Kolby!! What happened! Are you hurt? Did you trip and fall on your way home from school? Did you get kicked in the mouth? Tell me what happened!"

Kolby looked back at me and said "What? Nothing."

Then I looked closer at his face. Apparently, our little sugar boy had a lot of enjoyment eating the frosting on his sugar cookie, leftover from his party at school. His sad expression? There was no more frosting to be had. Such a sad day for a sugar addict. The good news?? We still had Valentine's Day to celebrate with the family. Nothing could be better, according to Kolby.


purejoy said...

at first glance i was like, WOW! hope he's okay!!

i'm such a sugar addict, it's a wonder i don't look like that every day!
he's so adorable!!

Maynards said...

I was going to feel really bad if that was the result of the sucker I gave him in primary. Freaked me out when I saw the picture, I can only imagine what you thought. hehe

Queen of Chaos said...

At a glance I thought he was bloody too! PHEW!