Monday, March 29, 2010

Another Heart Babies Reunion!!

Most of the day on Saturday was spent visiting with another family that has become close to our hearts. The Parrill family had their little baby, Chance, the day after Kimble was born, on November 5th. It wasn't until after Chance was born, and was monitored in the ICU, that they discovered that there was a problem with his heart.

What they found was that Chance had Transposition of the Great Arteries (TGA), which is where the two main vessels that carry blood away from the two ventricles of the heart (the pulmonary artery and the aorta) are formed on opposite sides of where they should be, thus making the pumping responsibilities of the heart ventricles mixed up as well. The surgery he underwent, when he was less than two weeks old, was called "The Switch". Basically, the Surgeons cut the vessels, as well as the coronary arteries, which are as small as 1-2 mm, and connect them to their proper places, which allowed the blood to be pumped to the proper places. Although this seems straightforward, it takes a delicate hand and impressive knowledge to successfully operate. Even with that, Chance had some complications following his surgery that required him to stay longer than they would have liked.

Today, Chance is doing great. He's rolling over and sitting up and he smiles constantly. He shouldn't need any more surgeries in the future either, so that is great news! This last Saturday, Chance and Kimble got to "officially" meet each other.

Chance is a little peanut compared to Kimble, with about 4-5 pounds difference between the two. It was so cute to see them together.

We got a family picture as well!  The Parrills have two girls besides Chance, and from all the giggling we heard, had a great time playing with Georgie and Kamy.

We spent the day talking and eating and playing games. The kids had a blast playing with each other. It was really a delightful day. Next month, we want to get all three families together for a fun playday. I love that these boys will grow up with each other and have a very special connection.

Just for laughs, I'm including this next picture as well. Kimble looks so huge compared to Chance, and while he is, he is even more so in this picture, with Chance sitting back in the crack of the cushions and Kimble sitting up closer to the front. We laughed and laughed when we saw this picture. We thought about photoshopping in a bag of Cheetos or a big hotdog or something, in front of Kimble, just to make the picture more hilarious. Anyway...for your laughing pleasure. Kimble the brute, and Chance the peanut.


runningfan said...

Kimble's chubby cheeks make me smile!!

purejoy said...

i love kimble's expression in the first picture with chance. he's so adorable! (well, both of them are) but kimble's such a brute!

Julie said...

I'm looking foward to the get-together! What cute boys!

Jed and Kera said...

I am so glad that's why you put the last picture up because before I read it and was giggling at little chubby Kimble next the Chance!

my4suns2 said...

He's quite a guy! So glad to hear he's doing well and chunking up. Is there anything better than chubby cheeks? Thanks for sharing his progress!

Colleen said...

Another wonderful relationship and darling photos! It is amazing how much Kimble reminds me of your other boys...he's like a mini combo of Keaton and Kolby put together!