Wednesday, March 24, 2010

The Bike Ride That Didn't Last Long

It was such beautiful weather on Monday (two days after we went sledding) and the roads were clear and dry, that the kids went outside to ride their bikes around a bit.  Georgie, who got a bike for her birthday in December, hasn't quite mastered her bike yet.  She says it's shaky and scary and she doesn't want to ride it around.  However, with some encouragement, she decided to venture out.  She found her sunglasses and her little backpack, put on her helmet, got her shoes on, and then she set out to ride her bike.

Coming out of the garage, we have a slight incline on our driveway.  We set her up, showed her how to brake, and let go.
She immediately jumped off, because she was scared. So we tried again on a flat stretch of land.
She made it about three minutes, with daddy holding on the entire time, before she called it quits.  Oh well.  There are plenty of summerdays ahead of us, for her to try mastering the bike.


kdaygirl said...

I like Heaths black socks with his shorts! Good try George!

Colleen said...

Georgie looks AWESOME in her bike gear! And thanks for the binky link. I've never been a big fan of the appearance of the green ones, but I've tried others with Tommy and he doesn't like them at all. So I will have to get some of those gumdrop ones. Definitely cuter!

teensy_dc said...

Kudos to Georgie for giving it a go on the bike. I bet she has the bike mastered by the end of summer. She sure does have the look down, she is absolutely adorable!! :)