Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Feisty Leprechauns

A leprechaun is a type of fairy in Irish folklore. He is said to sport a red beard, have pointy ears and rosy cheeks, and wears green, practically from head to toe....which covers a pretty short area, considering they are thought to be no larger than a child, but could even be no bigger than about 6 inches tall.

Leprechauns have the noble trade of being shoemakers, but their notoriety stems from their obsessive greed over pots of gold, their shamrock stashes, and their mischievous behavior. Quite often, Leprechauns are sneaky, feisty, and very hard to catch. They are troublemakers, especially in school classrooms. They like to mess up desks, throw down backpacks, and knock over teacher's chairs. They leave a glittering of gold dust wherever they go, and in consequence, the kids at school ALWAYS know when a Leprechaun has been sneaking around their classroom.

I hope it's only those feisty Leprechauns that make mischief at school today. Happy St. Patrick's Day everyone!


kdaygirl said...

Jason does all of those thing!

Jen Sue Wild said...

We have had Feisty leprechauns at our house this morning..

purejoy said...

what cute little leprechans! hope you have a mischief free day!

Maynards said...

Hope none of them come our way..or your way. Happy St. Pats day!