Thursday, March 4, 2010

*Free Shipping on Blurb!*

Just wanted to let you all know, that Blurb is having a Free Shipping promotion!  If you haven't ordered a cookbook, because the cost of shipping annoyed you (as it does me), then this is your luck month.  All orders, placed through March 22nd, receive free shipping.  Here are your promo codes!

USD $ promo code: WESHIP
GBP £ promo code: WESHIP2
EUR € promo code: WESHIP3
For those of you who have ordered my cookbook, thank you so much!!  It really does help!
In case you haven't come across them, there are two errors I have found in the cookbook.  For the Citrus Pancakes (pg 46), it calls for 1 TBSP baking powder (not 41) and (on the next pg. 47) The Spinach and Bacon Quiche should have 1/2 cup of heavy cream  (not 12).  Guess that was a bad page setup for me.  Sorry about that. Hope you are enjoying the recipes.


Ande said...

Do you have the link for the sight for me? I wanna order one and now I have the money to. :)

shaina said...

The link is on the top right column of my blog. Just click on the recipe book.