Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Heart Babies Reunion

When we were at The Children's Hospital, after Kimble was born, we saw a lot of other families that were going through some similar things that we were experiencing. The CICU is not really conducive to much privacy, so as you enter or exit the unit, go to the bathroom, go to the kitchenette, stand at the nurses station, or even as you are just sitting in your own little area of the ICU, you see what's going on around you, and you see other patients and families enduring their own struggles.

After a while of smiling at each other as you pass by, or waving hello if you see them in another part of the hospital, you finally branch out and start up a conversation...which usually starts off like this: "So tell me about your baby's heart defects." Then, introductions are made, friendships begin, and it is a relief to be able to talk with other people, who not only understand what you are going through, but are currently going through it themselves.

We met many different families during the five weeks we were there, but we really clicked with two of the families, and still keep in touch with them. One of these families came down to visit with us this last Saturday.
The Roper family lives in Denver, and during a routine ultrasound about halfway through Julie's 3rd pregnancy, they discovered that there were some problems with the baby's heart. Their doctors went back and forth on whether things were severe enough to require attention, and by the time she was ready to deliver, they agreed that he had defects concerning the left side of his heart.

Adam was born the same day as Kimble, Nov.4th, and after a few days, was brought to The Children's Hospital, where they became our "next door neighbors". Adam's heart defects are almost a mirror image to Kimble's. Wherein Kimble has defects concerning the right side of his heart, Adam's defects are on his left. Adam had open heart surgery about 10 days before Kimble had his.

Currently, both our boys are recovering well. Adam (crossing fingers) shouldn't require anymore surgeries, but Kimble still has a few more to go.

So like I said, we kept in touch with the Roper family, and last weekend they came down to spend the morning with us. Here are our two cute heart babies now... exactly 4 months and 3 days old.

Here is a picture of both our families. They have three adorable boys, and combined with our kids, it made for a pretty fun time.

After we hung out at the house for a bit, and had lunch, and talked about all of our heart surgery woe's, we all drove over to Garden of the Gods to hike around a bit.  It was just a bit windy at the start, as you can see by my lovely hair flipping up in the back.

Of course, we had just taken Georgie potty, but wouldn't you know it...she had to go again, which shortened our hiking exploration a bit.

Kimble enjoyed the fresh air, and was all snuggled up in his front carrier.

Kolby can't go anywhere, without finding a weapon of some sort. This time, it was a big stick.

Two babies and two mommies.
Unfortunately, I had to cut the visit short, due to a prior commitment, but we had such fun getting together. These two babies will forever be linked, and we hope they will become great friends throughout their life.


purejoy said...

sigh… garden of the gods… mmmmmm. what an amazing place. i visited colorado last june (i wish i knew you then!) to meet my husband's side of the family. i had never been out west (except for california) before and loved, loved, LOVED! colorado.
went to the broadmoor, focus on the family, the air force academy and would have gone to pike's peak, but the road was closed because of the weather.
sounds like such a fun time you had catching up with the ropers. what an adorable couple of babies!

runningfan said...

What a great story! I'm glad you made some new friends through your CICU experience.

Julie said...

Thanks again for having us over! It was so fun to see the boys together and spend time with your family. Your kids are just so cute!

We loved Garden of the Gods (especially Derek and Evan), so we'll have to head down there again sometime soon!

Julee said...

OH, Shaina he is so adorable!!

Maynards said...

Those babies are so adorable! I remember seeing that family when we came to pick up your mom and kids at the hospital. I am glad you have some good memories from your experience.

Colleen said...

What special friends to have! I am sure it is so soothing to talk with someone who knows exactly what you are going through. But look at those two adorable boys! They look so great. We have some family in WA and TX with the last name Roper, good people too.

kdaygirl said...

Its nice to have someone to talk to that is experiencing the same thing that you are and are having the same emotions. Not the way you want to meet a friend but always nice to have another!

Sara said...

Those babies are both such miracles :)