Wednesday, March 24, 2010

New Binkies!

My thoughtful sister Sharon sent Mr. Kimble two new binkies.  These binkies are shaped just like the big green ones he got at the hospital, but they look a bit cuter.  They feel the same to Kimble when he sucks on them, so he doesn't know the difference.
We had to cut his old green binkie when we were in the hospital, because his nasal canulas and CPAP breathing thingie wouldn't fit.  With these new binkies, they are already shaped differently at the top, and they don't hinder breathing equipment.  Yay!  They also conform to their faces a bit better.

If your little one loves the green hospital binkies, but you don't like thelook of them so much, I would suggest to you to get some of these binkies. They come in different colors, and can be scented like vanilla.  You can order them here, and at $1.75 each, I think they are a bargain.

This has been a nonpaid advertisement for Gumdrop Pacifiers. :)

1 comment:

purejoy said...

how much for the baby? haha jk, i know he's not on the market, but he is pretty much adorable!! and the binky is really cute and i don't know why the hospital binky people didn't think of that first!