Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Speaking of...

It seems like whenever I'm at a loss for what to post, I start thinking of random things to talk about that don't even go together. Then again, maybe I can connect them somehow....

I have Keaton and Kolby home with me from school today, because they have coughs just like I do. I heard them coughing throughout the night and knew their teachers wouldn't appreciate it if I sent them to school like that. So, as per my rule of "if you stay home sick from school, you take a nap", everyone is in their beds right now (except Mr. Kimble, who is sitting on my lap). Kolby went up to his room when I told him to, and came back down the stairs about four minutes later, all snuggly wrapped in his blanket and looking drowsy. He said "I just woke up. What a good nap." Silly boy. He got sent back upstairs to take a real nap! Now he's sleeping (That lump under the blanket is Kolby. I don't know how he breathes, all wrapped up like that.).
Nevertheless, all is quiet upstairs right now. I'm savoring the moment.

Speaking of upstairs...everytime I walk by the kids bathroom, I smell toothpaste. Now, I can think of a few other smells coming from a bathroom that would be worse, but since I just cleaned the bathroom, all I smell is toothpaste when I walk by.   I hate the smell of their toothpaste. It's minty and kid-approved and blue and well, I hate the smell. I prefer baking soda and peroxide toothpaste. No mint to gag me with. I keep my toothpaste hidden from the kids. I don't want them using it and spreading their minty toothbrush smells to my bathroom.

Speaking of my bathroom...Georgie loves to play in there. She gazes at herself in the mirror. She stares longingly at my makeup. She uses my hairbrush and wants me to put hair product in her hair. She is so girly. She asks almost everyday when she will be twelve years old. Why? She says "So I can have pweety earwings in my ears!" She also insists that I paint her fingernails and toenails all the time. She loves nail polish.

Speaking of nails...I can't keep Kimble's nails short enough. Poor baby. I clip them and clip them and still, he scratches himself all the time. Maybe I should sew little mittens for him to wear at night.

Speaking of sewing... I made this little pouch for my iTouch. It was quick and easy. I should make more. Here is the link to the instructions. Now, I can just drop the pouch in my purse, and not worry about my iTouch getting scratched up.  I extended the length an inch so that I can keep my earphones in the bottom of the pouch.  I showed the iTouch peeking out the top, but I assure you, it fits all the way down in the pouch, nice and snug.

Speaking of my purse... I got a new one! Although I love all of my handmade purses, I was in need of a change. I was looking for something a bit more trendy, I think, and something that would separate the "diaper bag items" from my "purse items". I think I succeeded.

The outside pockets snap closed, and keep the essentials I need for Kimble (toys, diapers, wipes, sanitizer, change of clothing, burp cloths, and for me, a bottle of water and a bag of trailmix). The inner zipper pocket keeps my purse items.

I love that this purse is a color that would look awful on me if it was an item of clothing, but as an accessory, it's great. I get lots of compliments on it.

Speaking of compliments...I got a great one on Sunday evening, after I interpreted for a special church meeting. The other interpreter, whom I had just met before the meeting, and thus had never seen me interpret, asked me if I had gone on a sign language mission. That made me feel really good. My sign language skills are still quite lacking, and although I'm far from perfect, I really am trying hard to do a good job.

Speaking of perfection...

I adore this little boy. He is rarely away from me, and I love it. I love holding him during the day. I love that he prefers to chew on my finger instead of his chew toys. I love that he nuzzles so close to me throughout the night. I love the babbles he makes, his tiny giggles, the noise he makes when he eats, and the way he looks at me with absolute love and trust. He is getting so fat and chubby. I love it.

Speaking of getting fat...I've been trying to go in the opposite direction myself. Since carbs are a huge weakness for me, I'm only allowing them with dinner. The rest of the day, I focus on protein, veggies, and fruit. It's been working too! I've already lost a few inches. We don't have a scale in the house, which makes for happy oblivion, so I have to see the weightloss through measurments, and how my clothes fit. I'm positive we had a scale before, but who knows where it went to. Probably got lost in all the moves.

Speaking of lost...I'm loving loving loving my favorite show. I wish LOST could go on forever, but since it can't, this season has been a great last season. So many questions are being answered. I'll be so sad when it's over for good. It's definitely been my favorite show of all time.

Speaking of time... it's almost time for Kamy to come home from school...then homework..then dinner (spaghetti and turkey meatballs), then bed... 'cause I'm sick. This cough sucks.


purejoy said...

i hear ya on the coughing. i'm good all day and then about bed time it starts. i've spent a few nites exhiled by myself. nyquil is my friend.
i probably should go to the dr. but it's not terrible and i keep thinking it's getting better. i hate going for a tiny cough and succumbing to the all mighty antibiotics. seriously…
hope you and the boys feel better soon. i hope you get good rest tonite!

Bek Bek Bek Bekah said...

I am in agreement with the tooth paste. I cannot tell you what is worse my girls before they brush their teeth and their bad breath, or after they brush with their bubble gum minty breath. I so go for only the baking soda and peroxide kind it is they best! Also I would be that you are not the only one that is completely in love with Kimble, he certianly does have a charm about him. Hey I got some terkey meatballs the other day and was thinking that I should make spaghetti n meatballs with them. Humm maybe I will. Kristen and George would have so much fun together making themselves pretty. I love posts like this Na, they make me smile. I love you!

runningfan said...

Great post!

Love the purse.

Sorry you're still sick.

Nancy said...

Your posts always make me smile! Randomly thrown together posts in a creative way are perfect :)

Jen Sue Wild said...

I am sorry you all are sick..
I hope you get better soon.

I love seing pix of Mr. Kimble

courtney said...

I'm sorry that you are sick! The coughing cold thing is going around here and I am really worried about catching it right now. All the coughing would probably dialate me even though I am down.
I hope Kimble doesn't catch it either!

I need to find a good purse that I can carry around with enough room for all teh baby stuff too.

Colleen said...

Seamless! I, too, sometimes find my mind wandering around random possible blog posts. You pulled them all together fabulously! I just got a new App called "Lose It." It's free and it allows you to enter in the things you eat, and based on a "goal weight" it gives you a calorie rationing for the day. I have created an "exercise" of breastfeeding that burns 500 calories a day which allows me to have more to eat--although with how Tommy eats I think he burns more than that, but that's average. It's a pretty awesome app, although, some days I just don't want to know! Hope you are feeling better today!

Dan and Katie said...

love that post!!

Megan said...

Totally Random and fun post.

Love your new purse. I think I have the coordinating one - Mine's red and looks the same on the outside but doesn't have the divided sections inside like yours but does have the same leopard fabric inside! Is yours from TJ Maxx too?

I hope you get over your cough (and your kids too) SOONer rather than later :)

Heidi said...

I'm really loving that purse. Where is it from? I'm in bad need of a change too! The color is awesome.

Julie said...

You know sign language?? One of my very best friends (since my younger years) has a sister who is deaf. We were roommates in college, and back then I had picked up on quite a few signs. Now I'm pretty much limited to the alphabet.

I don't know how you are giving up carbs. I've thought about it, but can't quite force myself to do it yet.

Kimble is beautiful- I love the picture with his one little eye showing!

Hope you're feeling better!

Robyn said...

Wow, I love your iPod cover! Thanks for linking to my tutorial. I'd love it if you wanted to post a picture of it in the Flickr Dog Named Banjo Tutorials group!